The Story In Your Mind – Meeting The Avengers?

Presentation meeting the avengers

So the last Story in Your Mind I shared was Covered With Dirt And Grass where a lady went through an interestingly unique imagery to deal with her OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)

And the last Encounter was With Jesus Christ where another lady sought the healing energies of God to heal her depression

Such exclusive experiences!

These unique hypnotism enables my clients to resolve their issues in just 1 session

I classify and share Stories, which are my clients’ beautiful hypnotic experiences, as well as Encounters, which are otherworldly experiences!

And for today, this story is called, Meeting The Avengers?

So did she or didn’t she?


This client had a communication break down with her parents

She felt her parents were overly controlling, and she doesn’t get a say in anything

In particular, she highlighted that she is unable to communicate with her mum, to say things she always wanted to say

It’s like she had put on a mask, and isn’t her true self anymore

Now if you don’t already know

Every hypnotic experience is unique to the individual

So you might experience hypnosis in a special way that’s different compared to others

Even if we use the same technique to resolve the same issue

This is especially so because we all have different Perceptions, Mindsets, And Beliefs

And thus a unique world exists within us

Hence everyone is truly unique

With our different truths, understandings and perceptions of the world around us

So anyway, today we have Giselle (her name was changed to keep her identity a secret) who wanted to resolve her communication and connection issues with her mum

Once she was prepared, we started the hypnosis

real sun through forest

And there she was in a forest

Giselle is talking to me under hypnosis

She raised her hand to cover the bright sunshine and only managed to look around once her eyes had adjusted to the light

She saw herself in a forest with tall trees

Christmas-y trees in fact

She smiled at the peaceful ambience of the forest before realizing there was a path

She felt inclined to travel on it

Giselle walked on the path

It was a normal foot path

Brown, like soil

It seemed like she was on a island of sorts

She saw in the distance, a huge mountain!

She said, “I think the path is bringing me to the mountain”

“Oh cool”, I replied

Hours seem to pass (like in her mind cause in reality it was just a couple of minutes)

And she finally reached the mountain

The brown soil foot path ended at the mountain, and started a rocky path upwards

Giselle frowned for a bit, and without a word, decided to climb up anyway

After a while, she realize the path wasn’t as precarious as she had thought


She reached the end of the rocky trail!

She wasn’t at the top of the mountain though

Barely halfway to be honest

Presentation steep mountain

Yet, looming in front of her was a huge dark ominous mouth of a cave

Giselle was frightened of it and asked me what should she do?

I reassured her that nothing can harm her in this space

That it was all in her mind

And ultimately, we came here to resolve some issues

I just had a sudden thought whether people see me, see my head, or just hear my voice under hypnosis… I worked with so many people but I never asked!

HHAHAHAHA Although likely it’s just hear my voice 😛

McKing’s sudden thoughts…

Giselle took two deep breathes, “Ok I’m ready”, and started walking into the dark cave

It was dark

Like pitch black dark

She tread lightly and carefully, using her hands to feel the walls

It was moist rock, and cool to the skin

After walking a distance in the dark, her eyes got used to the darkness

And she didn’t need to feel her way as much

“Woah!”, Giselle suddenly exclaimed!

“What happened?”, I asked

“No like, there are traps here!”


“Yea this cave has traps! I almost fell into it!”

“Wow ok… so now what?”

“Hmm… I think i can make out the other side, it’s not too far to jump…”

“Are you sure about it?”

“Yea, I think so”

“Alright then, whenever you are ready”

Giselle steeled her nerves and leap across!

“Alright! I made it!”


“I want to see what’s at the end of this bloody tunnel”, she mildly cursed


She continued walking, ever so careful now knowing there might be traps

She came across another trap soon after

Narrowly missing the spikes that thrust out from the walls

There was just enough space in between the spikes to squeeze through!

“Why is my hypnosis so hard?”, She asked

“Everyone’s mind is different”

“Wait so this is in my mind right now?”

“Yes”, I replied

“I wonder why there are so many traps…”

“…”, I chose to keep silent

After everything, she finally reached the end of the tunnel!

“Finally! I’m at the end… there is a door here”

“Oh what kind of a door?”

“A huge metal one. It’s like… one of those high tech security doors

“Oh? That’s interesting…”

“Yea! Like why would a high tech security door be in a cave?”, she asked

“There is even a security thingy to go in”, she noticed and told me

“Do you know how to enter?”

“Hmm… it’s an eye scanner thing”, she was puzzled

“Try it out Giselle”

“Ok”, she put her right eye to it and the eye scanner scanned her eye

There was the sound of machine gears moving, as the door started to emit steam

“Woah…”, she was stunned as the high tech security door opened

She carefully peered in and was astounded

“So, what do you see?”, I enquired, curious about her silence

“OMG McKing, it’s the Avengers Spaceship!!

“Woah serious?”

Presentation surprised girl

“Yes!! Oh my Godddddd”

She went in as the door closed behind her

The people (or agents I suppose) were walking up and down, busy with their work

Giselle realized something queer

“I’m like a ghost here”


“I mean, like, I’m a ghost… or a hologram… I’m not physical… these people are just walking through me”, she clarified

“That is… pretty cool”, I was surprised

“Yea but also kinda weird…”, she continued to observe the people buzzing here and there

“OMG!!! I hope I see Captain America~“, Giselle said in blissful excitement

“Haha… why?”, I asked

“Cause he’s my favourite Avenger!”

“Cool cool, what about the others like Thor or Iron Man?”

“Eee I don’t like Thor”

“I see… so, what is happening now?”

“I don’t know man… the agents are busy running here and there, like something about to happen…”

I nodded, thinking how to guide her next in this hypnosis experience

“OMGGGGGGGGG!!! Agent Hill just came out of a door!”

“Who? Who is that?”

“What?! She’s this super awesome agent in Avengers! How can you not know??”

“No… No I do not… ahem… so what’s happening?”

Giselle shrugged, “Well she just came out, and now she is standing in front of me… I can almost touch her…”

“OMG!”, she exclaimed

“What happened??”

“Suddenly there was an explosion! I think we are under attack!”

“McKing, I think we’re falling! Everybody is panicking!”

“Hey, for a moment, it looked like Agent Hill made eye contact with me! But now it’s all gone…”

“Huh? Meaning…?”

“It’s just dark now… like I’m in limbo

“In limbo?”

“Yea, everything vanished… I’m just floating in space…”

“Oh, then I guess it’s time to bring you out of hypnosis”

Presentation floating in space

She went home and soon, gave me an update

“Hey McKing, I just got home and had a htht (heart to heart talk) with my mum! It was really weird! We connected, communicated, cried and hugged! I’ve never had this feeling before, that I can finally be open with my mum. Thanks!”

Awww that’s nice, isn’t it?

Although you could be having a “Huh?!” instead ahaha

But yea, sometimes, when we do hypnosis

We can go on a journey

A positively weird, interesting journey

And yet in that same odd manner

It solves the problem on the unconscious level

And that’s enough, isn’t it?

Of course, she probably almost could have met her all time favourite Avenger – Captain America

If her unconscious mind didn’t decide that it was time to bring her out of hypnosis

So that’s that *shrug*

If you have any questions or feedback, do comment below

And share this with your friends and loved ones 🙂


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