The Story In Your Mind – Entering The Mirror World

Presentation Lee McKing and the mirror world

So the last Story in Your Mind I shared was Kelvin (names are changed to protect identity) who met with the dead during his hypnosis!

Of course, it wasn’t a real ghost, it was his guilt that manifested into a form of a “ghost”

And the last Encounter involved Derick meeting with the Dragon Turtle Emperor!

He received a couple of gifts to aid his resolution of his trauma and accelerated his healing!

Truly unique experiences!

And that’s how my clients’ issues can resolve in just 1 session of hypnosis

Because we all have different Perceptions, Mindsets, And Beliefs

Which creates a unique worldview within us

Anyway, Stories are when my clients have a beautiful experience while Encounters seem to have a touch of the divine!

And for today, this story is called, Entering The Mirror World

This is a world (in my client) unlike any other!

Beth (name changed to protect identity) came to me stating she was feeling stressed and lost in life

She shared how she didn’t seem to have any trauma and yet, why is it she is so lost and didn’t seem to have life purpose?

That is also what was causing her stress, as she finds herself comparing to her peers

Once she was settled and ready, we begin the hypnosis

Presentation Lee McKing guilt abortion miscarriage

And she saw herself in her bedroom

It was a literal representation of her current bedroom with her favorite shade of bedsheets

There was her teddy bear on the bed too

As luck with have it, Beth is someone who is rather childlike

Which explains some of the elements

Her teddy bear started speaking to her

It shared how she needs to grow up and have more mature thinking

And that it was time to let it go~

Beth didn’t want that to happen though

She wasn’t ready for it

So I asked her to ask the teddy bear for a duration

Essentially it is to give her some time to slowly grow

Thankfully, it agreed to this

Once that was done, I asked her to look around and she was drawn to the door

However when she opened the door, she was sucked into the darkness…

And now she found herself floating in the sky?!

It was such a wondrous and beautiful world!

The bright sun shining across the blue sky riddled with white clouds~

With a mountain in the distance surrounded by lush greenery

But then, Beth realized there was something peculiar

It took her a while to describe it to me

Firstly, she realized that she was in the direct centre, such that the right side reflected the left side, or vice versa

The other thing she realized was that the top and bottom reflected each other too!

It was like she was in a kaleidoscope!!

That’s why it was so hard to describe it

Imagine you are in a kaleidoscope and there are so many light refractions and reflections going on

Of course it will be spectacularly beautiful!!

But at the same time, madly confusing!

Anyway, along the center route, she could see a building in the distance

Presentation Lee McKing and the sea

She knew where she had to go

However… although she was floating in midair, she didn’t know how to fly!?

Beth tried moving her arms, her legs, but nothing worked

I asked her unconscious mind to aid her in reaching her destination

And a bird appeared, an eagle to be precise

As the eagle flew towards the centre, Beth will find herself floating by it

So that was how it feels to fly!!

Without a glider, plane, helicopter or a parachute of course


While flying towards the centre, Beth admired the surroundings

Afterall, when do you get the chance to experience something so beautiful and amazing?!

An interesting thing was starting to click inside her

You see, she was seeing how left is right and right is left

Similarly, the top is the bottom which is similar to the top

Yet she can fly straight in the centre with this eagle

It made her have the Yin Yang feel~

And that regardless of how life turns out, it will reorient itself to the centre path

Who knows?

Perhaps the eagle was a representation of a higher being too

Her God


Anyway, the more she got closer to the building, she became aware of a particular feeling from within

This feeling… she couldn’t describe it at first

But it became apparent to her eventually…

There was something in that building that she had to find…

However… she realized she wasn’t ready to find it…

She stopped the eagle from flying forward

And chatted with me first for a bit to clarify some things

Thus we decided to stop here and bring her out of hypnosis

So I brought Beth back to her bedroom in her mind first

Because it was a safe place, a comforting place

And then after that, bring her out of hypnosis proper

Lee McKing shrug presentation

So what happened?

Beth realized that the building contains something from her childhood, which she wasn’t ready to face

And because you are still aware of what’s happening under hypnosis

She can choose to come out of hypnosis because she didn’t want to face whatever it was

And yes, I don’t know what is it at all

I have to respect her choice

Now you might be wondering, what will happen if I force her to continue to the building and face it?

Honestly, I don’t know

One possibility is that she does face it, but if it is a big trauma, then she might get “shocked” out of hypnosis

Which also means, she doesn’t resolve the issues, and in fact open a can of worms instead

We don’t want that

Another possibility is that she enter the building but come to maybe a locked door or a locked room

Or another possibility is coming to face the truth of something… maybe herself… maybe her parents…

Which might cause a rift between her and her parents, or doubt herself

Well anyway, that’s why I don’t force people to do anything they do not want to do

Overall, that’s not fun nor helpful

Still I’m glad that Beth got to experience the kaleidoscope world… such a beautiful wondrous place~

Also, even though the hypnosis didn’t seem like it helped, somehow she found her direction in life!

Doesn’t that make you curious too?

What might you find in your unconscious mind? 😉

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