The Story In Your Mind – Covered With Dirt And Grass

Presentation Lee McKing and plants

So the last Story in Your Mind I shared was The Hall of Memories where a lady entered a room in her mind to recollect some lost memories

And the last Encounter was With A White Faced Demon where a lady was suicidal and had to face her inner demons

Such queer experiences!

Yet that’s how they managed to resolve their issues in just 1 session

Anyway, Stories are interesting experiences from my clients while Encounters are unbelievably out of this world!

And for today, this story is called, Covered With Dirt And Grass

Wait, McKing, that’s like one of the most boring titles you ever used for your stories so far

“Cough” I know… but this particular experience is really centred around dirt and grass 🙂

I promise it will be worth your while though!

What happened is that this client came to me with a serious issues of scratching herself until she bleeds

She describes it as “picking her skin with her nail until blood comes out”

Let’s call her Pauline (name changed for protection of course)

After a bit of a conversation, it seems that Pauline does not consciously recall anything that might have triggered such a behaviour

She just wants to stop cause of the pain, the blood, the compulsion

In fact, on hindsight, it does resemble OCD a bit doesn’t it?

(And no, I didn’t tell her that at that time, it’s really on hindsight now as I write this hahaha)

Anyway, to recollect

Everyone is unique

So each of you might experience different things even if I use the same technique to resolve the same type of issue

And especially since we all have different Perceptions, Mindsets, And Beliefs

And thus a unique world resides within us

That’s why you are unique and different from the next person

Our individualised perceptions of the world around us helps us to understand things differently

So anyway, once Pauline was ready (she was quite nervous about the hypnosis so I had to reassure her everything will be fine), we started the hypnosis

And she saw herself in her bed

Lee McKing and barren wasteland

Underneath the blanket in fact

It was dark and she felt small

But most importantly, she felt safe and comfortable

That was crucial to establish before we can continue

She saw a small opening at the top of the blanket and reached out towards it

And she saw herself coming out of a bucket onto a huge barren wasteland

“McKing, I see nothing here but a barren wasteland, what do I do now?”, Pauline asked

“It’s ok, let’s just get our bearings here first, have a look around, tell me what you hear, what you feel…”

“Well, as I mentioned, I see a barren wasteland, and it stretches all the way”

“I see, do you see anything out of the ordinary, or a footpath?”, I asked

“No I do not”

“Ok, now tell me if you hear anything or feel anything?”

“I don’t hear anything… but I do feel something weird…”, she started squirming a bit

“Oh? What is it?”

“I don’t know… I don’t know how to describe it…”

“It’s ok, take your time, just focus on that weird feeling and tell me once you have an idea what is it”


“What’s happening now?”

“McKing! There is a piece of dirt stuck in my arm!”, she exclaimed in fear

“Oh, why is it there?’

“I don’t know! But it’s spreading all over my body! I’m covered with dirt! And I feel so dirty and unclean!”

“Ok hold on, like you are literally covered with dirt?”

“Yes! Well, it’s like my skin pores have dirt stuck in them!”

“Alright, are you able to push them out?”

“No I cannot! What should I do?”

“It’s ok. You see, your unconscious mind brought you to this place, and to have this experience, for a specific reason, and sooner or later, your unconscious mind will gradually show you what it wants for you in order to help you. So is it ok to just wait a while and see what happens?”, I had to reassure her and calm her down


A while later… “McKing, grass started growing out of the dirt! I pulled at it but it hurts!”

“Ok don’t pull it, let’s try this, I want you to communicate with the grass and ask this question, where did you come from?”

The moment Pauline asked that question to the grass that was all over her body, she was transported to the past!

Back to when she was just a child, about 7 years of age

And now she is describing to me her experience

I’m back home, in my old home, when I was 7 years old…

My mum and her brother are in front of me…

And I’m staring at them… I’m so fascinated and scared at the same time…

My mum is helping her brother to squeeze his blackheads from his nose!!

There is so much dirt!

I am scared and want to look away, but I cannot!

Pauline’s description of a memory from her childhood
Presentation Lee McKing parenting

Turns out that was the moment in her life which started the snowball effect that led to her current issue

That moment, taught her how her skin pores have dirt in them, and she needs to get them out!

Of course, as a child, certain information might have been distorted

So from blackheads in the nose of her uncle, it became dirt in every skin pore!

No wonder she kept scratching her skin until she bled!

Anyway, since we found out when it happened, it was time to resolve it from the root cause!

Once she finally let go and release this particular experience as a child

She came back to the barren wasteland

“Alright, tell me how do you feel now?”, I asked

“McKing, I feel good! But, I still have half the dirt and grass!”

“I see, so only half of it was resolved?”

“Yes! I still have the other half! How how?”

“Hahaha no worries, we are only halfway through the hypnosis anyway”, I smiled

She calmed down, “Ok I’m glad things are going well so far”

“Yes, it is. Now I want you to ask the remaining half, wait, which half is it?”

“It’s my left half”

“Ok, ask the left half, why are you still here?”

When she asked that question, the left side grass and dirt responded to her, that it was there to protect her, to give her confidence and courage

Once we found those answers, I guided her to thank the left side dirt and grass for protecting her, for giving her confidence and courage, however, to also let it know that there was a negative aspect to it, to scratch herself until she bled

The symbol of the left side dirt and grass started transforming into a completely new symbol!

It was now a trench coat

Lee McKing and brown trench coat

Pauline was puzzled and asked me, “Why a trench coat?”

I shrugged, “Don’t ask me, it’s your unconscious mind… perhaps you can ask this trench coat what it wants for you?”

The trench coat replied her, “I’m here to protect you from all harm, and to give you the courage to brave challenges ahead, hereby leading you towards success and achievement

“Wow that’s a powerful trench coat!”, I was delighted

“Erm McKing… can I ask you something?”

“Sure, what is it?”

“This trench coat is brown…”


“I don’t like brown”


“Can I change the color?”, she asked

“Sure, it’s your symbol, what would you like it to change into?”


The moment she said she wanted a red trench coat, the color changed all by itself!

“That’s awesome! Ok now tell me how do you feel now?”, I enquired

“Great! But… I still have some dirt and grass on my face…”

“Alright, is it all over or just one side?”

“Just the left side”

“Ok, let’s do this, ask the dirt and grass on the left side of your face, what’s your positive purpose for me?”

It replied her the moment she asked the question

That it wants to give her self confidence, beauty, and the ability to speak in public

And it automatically changed too!

The dirt and grass started consolidating into one point, on her left ear

And it transformed into a red rose earring!

Once it was done, Pauline finally felt free from her issue of scratching her skin

She also felt excited for her future!

I soon brought her back out of hypnosis

Now was that an interesting story or what?

Well yea, normally I like to write about the adventurous experiences that my clients face under hypnosis

But I decided this was a good one too

It showed symbolically, or metaphorically, how the unconscious mind has a unique image in the mind, which manifest into an issue in reality

Which was that her pores had dirt and needed to be remove

On the physical conscious plane, no amount of scratching can remove the “symbolic dirt”

And hence, we needed to remove it in the unconscious mind

Now this suggest that if there is a particular “negative behaviour” that cannot be stopped on the conscious level, it can be resolved on the unconscious level!

What are your comments or opinions of this?

And share this with a friend who might be interested to read this 🙂

Thank you and til next time!

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