The Story In Your Mind – Becoming Thumbelina

Presentation Lee McKing and a fairy

So the last Story in Your Mind I shared was The Wand of Light where a lady found a magical wand that seemed to empower her for greatness

And the last Encounter was With The Burning Skull (which was a perfect story for Halloween I might add), where a lady had to revisit the past to face what haunts her

Such unique experiences!

And yet that’s how they were able to resolve their issues in 1 session of hypnosis

Anyway, Stories are awesome experiences from my clients while Encounters are quite otherworldly!

And for today, this story is called, Becoming Thumbelina

Which sounds straight out of a fairytale!

Although yes, it is a fairytale (if you don’t know Thumbelina, you can Google it πŸ™‚

And also because Christmas is round the corner so I think a story where my client transform into a “fairytale character” sounds about right πŸ˜›

Like cosplay on another level! :O

Anyway, this client came to me with the realization that she is not reaching her fullest potential

And she feels limited for some reason

Have you ever had that before?

For example, she realized that whenever she is about to succeed in something…

She will do something else to mess things up!

Now to remind you

Each person is unique

So perhaps you might realize you have a similar pattern within you, however I want to let you know that what you are about to read is uniquely her

And thus you might experience different things even if I do the same technique to resolve the same issue

So no, you probably won’t become Thumbelina too ahahah

Because we all have personalized Perceptions, Mindsets, And Beliefs

Hence we all have a unique world within us

That’s why everyone is unique

With our different understandings and perceptions of the world around us

So anyway, today we have Sabrina (her name was changed to keep her identity a secret) who wanted to resolve her issue of not reaching her potential

And how she was feeling stuck for so long, hitting roadblock after roadblock

We chat for a bit and once she was ready, we started the hypnosis

And she was at the entrance of a maze

Puzzled, she asked me, why is she here?

To be honest, I only know she is here to solve her issues… question is, what does she want to do?

Sabrina said she wants to enter the maze

She felt inclined to reach the center, although she doesn’t know how

I asked her to ask her unconscious mind for guidance and when she did, a compass appeared!

“McKing! I don’t know how to use a compass!”

“Cough ok, then let’s ask your unconscious mind to create another symbol to help you then”

“Hmm… actually McKing, you said my unconscious mind will listen to me right?”

“Yes, that is true”

“Then can I give my compass GPS?”

“Eh… go ahead and see what happens”, I shrugged

Now the compass that was in her hand started floating!

And it pointed the direction for her to go

“It worked!”, Sabrina exclaimed

“Hahahaha I’m glad”

So now she is following the floating compass with GPS through the maze… and she didn’t update me anything much cause it’s just a maze haha

After some time, she finally reached the centre of the maze!

“Woah… this is amazing~”, she was in awe

“Oh? What happening now?”

“Well I reached the centre and it’s a beautiful sight, with this huge beam of light coming from above hitting the centre… it’s both majestic and beautiful…”

“Wow! That is really amazing~”, I said

“Yea it is… but McKing, what do I do now?”

“That’s a good question, what do you feel like doing? What are you drawn to?”

“Hmm… I’m just attracted by that beam of light…”

“Very good, then I want you to ask the beam of light, why are you here?”

Sabrina approached the beam of light and conversed with it, and it gave a one word response

Presentation Lee McKing and step out of prison of your mind


She hesitated for a moment before stepping into the light

(Please, no jokes about “don’t go into the light” hahaha)

She shared about how she became enveloped with light, really bright light, and things are starting to disappear…

After a moment… Sabrina could start to see again…

“McKing… it feels like… like everything about me became big… like really huge!”

“It’s ok, you may take a moment or two to get your senses and orientation about what’s happening…”

She did, and she realize that the world didn’t become big, she became small!

She described herself as similar to the fairytale Thumbelina, where she is literally the size of a thumb!

Sabrina was in a flower, and after testing her wings, she flew out of the flower

Surrounding her was a lot of plants, flowers and other fairies!

However, she was drawn to something…

She flew in that direction and came to a river

And she knew she need to travel along the river to reach the destination

It was like an inner calling!

Now she needed to get ready

She found some blades of grass to craft a boat

A suitable stick sword!

A paddle, among other things

Said her goodbyes to the other fairies

One of them ask if she must go, and she said yes she must

Once she was ready for her adventure, she set sail for the unknown!~

Presentation Lee McKing and a fairy world

It was a journey of many days and weeks

With the occasional dangers that came from being in the outside world away from the fairy world where she was protected

One of the enemies was the pirate squirrels!

They attempted to board her boat and steal her food!

Sabrina the fairy was a skilled enough fighter to fend off the pirate squirrels!

Thankfully there were only 3 in the group, although she still got some scratches on her arm

Another danger was when there were storms and the river flow got really harsh and hard

And she was left drenched, cold, and shivering

While trying to hold on and control the journey of the boat!

Yet besides the danger, there are positive moments too!

Like when she passed by the family of rabbits, the babies just getting their first look into the outside world, and spotted her quizzically

She smiled and waved at them~

And sometimes when the kingfisher appeared to hunt for fish, the waves generated from his hunt may risk her boat capsizing too!

“Ahhh it’s so dangerous being so tiny!”, she said in exasperation

Honestly, I didn’t know what to say to her at this point, but let her continue her journey

She didn’t tell me everything too

Everything was happening within the world in her mind

And finally, she was nearing her goal, her destination

The waters were calm as her boat sailed smoothly towards it

Sabrina turned back to look down on the river

And she realized a number of things

That she was independent, strong, courageous and confident

And that she had all this power and ability inside her already

That even if her life journey may be fraught with danger, failures, or even despair

She will reach her destination, her destiny, as she has been equipped from the beginning with those positive resources in the first place

As this journey in her mind has unlocked her potential and removed what was blocking her and holding her back

Then she turned to face the front towards her destination…

And the light came again

Bright and beautiful…

And Sabrina found herself back with me in my office

She opened her eyes and stared in front of her for a moment, before turning to look at me

“Well hello there, welcome back”, I smiled

Then she shared some of the stuff that happened, which I already shared above πŸ™‚

A couple weeks later, she feedback that things are moving and she doesn’t feel any blockages anymore!

She even had a promotion some time later πŸ˜‰

To be honest, this is one of the rarer hypnosis experiences where I didn’t have to do much

Why? You may ask

This is because your unconscious mind knows where to go to find the answers you are looking for

Although for some people, they may need some guidance from me on helping them to release certain negative stuff

But anyway, I’m curious

If you could become a character, who or what will you be?

Sabrina had the adventure of a lifetime, and who knows, maybe one day you might have it too πŸ™‚

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