The Psychological Aspects of Fengshui

Presentation Lee McKing and Master Max

So last night I was watching Master Max Liang on Facebook Live and he was sharing about fengshui in the bedroom

Master Max is a fengshui master, face reader and master numerologist, and after watching some of his videos, I notice he describes elements of fengshui with modern psychology

And it makes sense!

In a way, what the ancients called fengshui is what we call ergonomics, color psychology, etc in the modern world

Different terms for the same meaning!

Of course, there are other applications and understandings when it comes to fengshui elements such as whether it’s related to gods, deities and religion

Which it’s not

And I won’t be talking about them here

Anyway, I thought of sharing more about some psychological aspects of fengshui today

But if you are curious, you can watch Master Max’s sharing on fengshui in the bedroom first

What is Color Psychology?

Essentially, it is the study of how different colors with their meanings or associations can affect human emotions, behaviors, and actions

Currently, color psychology is mainly used in marketing and advertising, such as for business brands, or certain ads

And if you watch the video above, Master Max mentioned how red color is the fire element and it can promote anger, frustration and thus, if you have it in the bedroom, it will affect your sleep

And in color psychology, red can increase your heart rate and thus, can potentially make you feel more easily angered (among other things)

There’s a link!

Anyway, I will be breaking down coming from the 5 Chinese Elements, and sharing some stuff about the individual colors within

Whether you want to use it for your business, or home, is up to you

Also, this will be more of a brief overview ok?

I can’t be sharing everything ah…

Other than information overload, I also don’t want to write too long until you fall asleep or what XD

Honestly I think the ancient Chinese were pretty intelligent to define practically everything into 5 distinct groups known as the 5 Chinese Elements or WuXing

However, I won’t be going into other interpretations of the WuXing, just colors derivations ok?

Also, this is mainly my opinion and thoughts, because other people might have differing thoughts about certain colors and their meaning

For now, let’s have a look see

The 5 Chinese Elements, used with permission from Master Max Liang
The 5 Chinese Elements or WuXing, used with permission from Master Max Liang

The 5 Chinese Elements

Metal Element

White color suggest purity, innocence, clean and simple, and thus, it can have a gentle effect. However, too much white might suggest a blank slate and slow down your thinking process.

Gold color suggest wealth, luxury, status.

Water Element

Blue color suggest peace, honesty, trust and calmness. Too much blue, or too dark a blue, might cause one to experience feelings of sadness or depression instead.

Black element suggest classy, formal or professional. Too much black however, can suggest a more negative or darker mindset.

Wood Element

Green color suggest health, nature, and surprisingly promotes a studying environment.

Fire Element

Red color suggest passion, high energy, action, or strength. Too much red can suggest anger or frustration, or even lead to lust.

Pink color suggest romance, attraction, and being sweet. As pink is like a combination of red and white, we can see how pink might create romance (which is softer than passion).

Orange color suggest cheerful, confidence, enthusiasm and being sociable.

Purple color suggest royalty, spirituality, creative and wise.

Earth Element

Yellow color suggest happiness, bright, warmth and being positive.

Brown color suggest stability, reliability, earthy and slower pace of life.

Lee McKing shrug presentation

Ok so now what?

Now if I add on to what Master Max has shared, then it will be easier to understand why certain colors are good in some rooms and not good in other rooms

For the record, I’m not a fengshui master!

So there could be other implications or hidden meanings for the above colors when it comes to fengshui

What I am looking at is the psychological perspective at how fengshui works

If you are looking for true fengshui advice, please look for Master Max 😀

Anyway, from that basic understanding of colors, you can now understand some business applications too!

Ever notice how fast food restaurants such as McDonalds, Wendy’s or KFC usually have red colors?

That’s right!

Their branding for red can suggest high energy, speed, which is necessary for a fast food restaurant!

Of course, McDonalds has red and yellow, high energy + happiness

Cafes on the other hand, tend to use more earthy colors for a slower pace

Starbucks uses green, which might make sense why students like to frequent there to study while Mellower Coffee uses brown

Such usage of colors can differ from the logo, to the environment, and on top of that, it also depends on the bosses how they want to stand out

For example, Knock Knock Cafe’s logo uses a blend of pink, purple and what looks like sky blue

In case you are wondering, my logo is purple~

One of my NLP trainers shared that hypnosis is purple, with its links to the mind and connecting to the unconscious mind

A quick Google shows that other hypnotists logos are generally purple or blue in color, purple for the spirituality or connection with the unconscious, and blue for trust and calmness

presentation lee mcking thinking hard

What about for personal?

Let’s talk about you for a moment

What are the usual colors that you wear every day?

Well, if you have a uniform or you have to wear certain clothes for work, then perhaps it may not be as impactful a message

But if you have choice on what you wear every day, then please take note

The more of certain colors that you wear, the more you can be influenced by it, whether good or bad

Naturally, if you wear blue or green often, you might be more calm

But if you wear dark blue or even black often, I want you to notice whether you get sad more easily, or have more negative thoughts easily?

If no, great! If yes, consider wearing other colors with a lighter shade

Of course, you could say that colors is subjective, and it is dependent on the individual like if they like black, then perhaps wearing black often will make them feel good

Yea, I agree, that’s possible

Which is why if you feel good, it’s fine, but if you don’t, just consider for a moment

Essentially, being surrounded by certain colors often, can influence the unconscious mind, which can cause you to develop certain emotions or do certain actions

Presentation surprised girl

Zhun bo~?

I can understand if you are in disbelief so let me share a case study

So a client of mine who is a property agent in Malaysia had a zoom call with me to ask about how she can grow her business

She did that cause she look up to how I grew mine (not me bragging, she say one)

Anyway, she had ideas to go into blogging but didn’t know what to talk about

I thought for a moment, and told her to consider color psychology

She didn’t know what was it so I shared with her some stuff like the above already mentioned

That day, I don’t know why, perhaps my intuition ah~

I decided to focus on 2 colors, red and blue

I shared how too much red (example red walls) might cause one to get more temperamental and get angry easily, while too much blue (especially dark blue) might cause one to feel sad and depressed

She had a look of shock

I asked if there is anything that came to her mind

And she replied, “Yea! About couple months back I repainted my bedroom to blue… and oddly enough I recently also feeling depressed!”

When I asked if she can remember when she started feeling depressed, before or after the repainting, her eyes lit up as she replied it was after the repainting

I laughed and shared that this is like modern fengshui, because she is Malay, and she will be serving anyone in Malaysia, having some basic fengshui understanding might be good for her to sell or share with her clients

Anyway, it is up to you how you want to interpret this information and hopefully it gives you a greater awareness 🙂

Til next time!

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