The Idea Of Yin And Yang In Hypnosis

Yin Yang in hypnosis

Many of you probably already know about Yin and Yang

The concept of light and dark

Positive and negative

Push and pull

But do you know how it applies in hypnosis?

Interested? Then read on my friend!! 😀

Lee McKing with Yin Yang

First of all, let me expand on Yin and Yang for a bit

You see, the idea of Yin and Yang doesn’t just restrict to light and dark or whatever

It also shares the idea that one cannot exists without the idea

For example, if there was no sun, history will have been very dark indeed, especially with no concept of light

And with the introduction of light, one then can understand what is darkness

And of course, light cast upon objects will produce shadows

Which is a type of “darkness” yet can only be seen in the light

Interesting eh?

I realized this concept some time back

That there can never be true “world peace”

Why do I say this??


If the world truly were at peace, there will be no wars, fights or violence

However, tens of thousands of years will pass and the lack of concept of war or violence, will mean the concept of peace will be lost and forgotten

Because there is no point of reference

With no reference to what is violent, people cannot appreciate peace

Look at it this way, if there was war and violence, the people affected by (or know of it) it will wish for peace

It’s as simple as a piece of land

If it’s flat, nothing happens


But if there is a hole (or a point of reference downwards) one then appreciates how life that is flat was actually good

And if there was a hill (or a point of reference upwards) one then can imagine going higher and achieving more

Interesting isn’t it?

Well, i hope I haven’t lost you at any point hahahaha

So yea, what’s the link between Yin and Yang and hypnosis?

You see, for people to come to me, usually it’s one of 2 situations

  1. They have a problem and want a solution
  2. They have a goal and want to achieve it

Saw the link above with the reference before it? 😉

And people cannot have problems unless their unconscious minds have the solutions

I know you were probably thinking of Yin being the unconscious mind and Yang being the conscious mind hahaha but I am not really talking about that eh?

On top of that, I also want to share one more thing

Yes, you might be feeling low, sad, negative etc

And that’s how you know you got an equal positive solution somewhere in your unconscious mind

Which only you yourself have it

No one else has the same solution you seek

Perhaps you might seek happiness as the solution to anger

Whereas another might seek calmness instead

And sure, you can look for me to guide you towards your solutions

Or wait til things get better all by themselves

After all, one can appreciate positive things better after going through a bit of negativity

And finally, one last tipWhat Goes Down Will Go Up

Tell yourself this, “What goes down, will go up”

And that’s how I see Yin and Yang in hypnosis

Take care and chat soon 🙂

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