Testimonial 6 May 2017

Lee McKing The Hypnotist with some of his members from the Singapore Hypnosis Meetup

I recently attended Mcking’s meet-up session on How To Learn A Skill From Multiple People. It was very interesting and an eye-opening experience to learn that we actually can learn skills in such a way but I felt that need to practice this new way of learning skills.

I also spoke to Mcking and he shared with me self-hypnosis which i felt it was really useful. He told me to try telling myself once a day that every time I walked through a door, more business opportunities and enquiries will appear. Hehe I more kiasu, so every doors I went through I told myself this statement be it MRT train doors, bus doors, offices doors or shopping malls doors, I do feel good after saying these & I do get opportunities when I attended subsequent networking groups. I was also invited to join a private watsapp business group where I can learn, share and collaborate with other businesses. See that’s another opportunity again 🙂

Anyway Mcking shared that self hypnosis is very powerful as most people tend to accidentally hypnotise themselves in a negative way. I am really very thankful & appreciate Mcking’s sharings. Hope to learn more from him!

DT, 37 female, Singaporean Chinese


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