Testimonial 5 Sep 2016

Presentation Lee McKing and cafe hypnosis

I was skeptical about seeking therapy for personal problems, but thankfully curiosity led me to meeting McKing. He rendered me speechless just after 1 session!

Just with that 1 session, McKing helped me to have a better control over my diet, better control over public speaking, and it’s so fast and obvious those around me took notice of the changes. The part that blew me away is that we met at a noisy cafe, and it took LESS THAN 30 MINUTES to go through all those 3 issues!

I find that amazing and I’d recommend him to anyone who needs to go through an immediate change. Will definitely seek his help for bigger issues now that I’ve seen the immediate effects. Will highly recommend him if you desperately need to change something right now.

MA, 28 male, Singaporean Indian Muslim


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