Testimonial 30 Jul 2019


I found out about hypnotherapy and Mcking through the web and decided to give it a shot as I had a problem of needing to go to the toilet repeatedly and excessively before bed. It was frustrating as my sleep was being affected and when I saw a GP, he told me it was due to stress and that there was little he could do in terms of treatment/medication. I met up with Mcking for a pre-session where he shared how the process worked and answered my questions. The environment was very comfortable and Mcking seemed very genuine so I decided to go ahead with the session.

Similarly, I felt very comfortable during the session and at the end of it I felt surprisingly energised and in a good mood. I was amazed as the feeling of needing to visit the toilet didn’t come in subsequent nights. In the same session he had also helped me with my fear of needles and surgery and I have found that to have been effective as well.

I’m very grateful to have come across Mcking and I recommend him to anyone who is looking to get over obstacles in life

KL, 26 female, Singaporean Chinese


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