Testimonial 26 Sep 2015

Presentation Lee McKing and laptop call

When I came across McKing’s website in August 2015, I didn’t expect much from NLP. Fed up of suffering from serious low self-confidence, I was desperate to try just about anything. I sent him an email requesting a sample session on Skype, wherein I explicitly told him that I would not pay if the outcome was unsatisfactory. He graciously consented to my rather blunt request. And am I glad he did! It was an amazing experience totalling 6 hours – WAY more than the agreed upon time. That one session opened my eyes to the real reasons behind my low self-confidence and cleared 90% of my issues in that time. I am now a more confident person well on my way to attaining success as an entrepreneur. Talk about money well spent!

MS, 26 female writer, India

26 Sep 2015

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