Testimonial 26 May 2018

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Recently my dad, at 83 yrs old, had his rashes flare up again. We have brought him to GP, polyclinic and even referred to National skin center. Each time it happen, it will take months for it to subside. Its very frustrating as well as it brought so much discomfort to my dad.

My dad was introduced to Hypnotist Mcking. He was a very humble person. My dad having been through so much, is willing to try this hypnosis. He was indeed amazed by the session! Just immediately after session, his skin rashes and redness beginning to subside! I am a nurse for many years… but I got to say, this is the first time I have seen something like this! And whats more, throughout the whole session, my dad was very comfortable! And its only one time seeing Mcking .

I am so grateful to Lee Mcking for his help, if not my dad will sure to suffer. My dad skin condition was cleared totally after the few days! Thanks again and God bless him for his great works!

Joanna Tan, Singapore


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