Testimonial 25 Nov 2019

Presentation Lee McKing guilt abortion miscarriage

I have abandonment issues due to the frequent changing of home environment since 5 year old.⁠
Then, possible incest from dad. ⁠
There’s no safe environment or safe person since 5 year old or even younger. ⁠
I can’t bear touch, even rejecting mum’s care. ⁠
Stay with aunt from 5 yr old.⁠
At 7 or 8 year old, Aunt threatened to scald my face with boiling water.⁠
Before this scalding incident, a complaint about aunt to mum, earned me a beating from aunt.⁠
Move to stay with mum at 11. ⁠
Mum abandoned me (11 yr old) and my sis (just born) for few days, left home, threatened divorce.⁠
Dad threatened to whip me at 13 year old.⁠
Then there’s the molest at 10yr old, date rape at 15yr old, date rape at 31yr old. ⁠
No proper boyfriend.⁠
Self-destructive behaviour in terms of sexual relationships since teens.⁠
Narcissistic personality ex-husband, dated from 24-26yr old, married 26-31yr old. I paid for his Uni studies, the wedding and flat, locked up kind of lifestyle, no friends, emotional abuse, domestic violence. ⁠
My body went into autoimmune disorder mode then, allergies to milk, seafood, gluten, sugar. ⁠
The self confidence isn’t exactly there. Making a phone call to clients need to think and think.⁠

These multiple layers resolved in that one hypnotherapy session with McKing. Magical?

SH, 31 female, Singaporean Chinese


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