Testimonial 25 Feb 2020

Presentation Lee McKing and hypnosis with female client

I joined Mcking’s hypnotism group in meetup.com out of curiosity years ago but had not taken a step further to attend until recently (which was months ago) when he urge us to visit his blog/ Facebook

After much reading, understanding AND comparing how different hypnotist works, I contacted Mcking for a session as I felt that I was ready.

The 2 hours long of chit-chat was an eye opener and mind-blowing as he shared many of his clients cases and how different methods works for different individual, be it from a scientific view or otherwise.

He was very open to discuss and listens attentively. I am able to follow thru since I had done some “homework” prior to meeting him. And yes, he does not allow me to go into the session immediately after the chit chat as he wanted me to think through using my subconscious mind (Do you have an article explaining why is it so? If you don’t, perhaps its good to write one to explain to potential clients? :))

In fact, I was the one who wants him to run thru the hypnosis session with me there and then, confident that I was ready but a “no” means “no.” Boy, how ethical and righteous! And I do mean really ETHICAL. Respect!

I met him again after a week, again thinking that I was ready to resolve my issues. How wrong was I again. Perhaps, it was due to the distraction from my kids outside the room, or perhaps I was being nervous. The “forgiveness” session doesn’t happened.

He uses another approach called “DMI.” I was brought through a series of “adventures,” from a beach to a dark tunnel, spaceship and finally back to the first location. I was able to locate the one particular thing which represent hatred/ resentment.

If you ask me, it is undeniable bizarre and even at that point of time, I do doubt myself whether it really works. The aftermath of the session? I was exhausted and it seems that my soul is out of my body for days! Haha

And indeed, being a professional hypnotist as he is, he contacted me after a week to check on me.

Mcking: Do you still have resentment/ anger towards your ex-husband?
Me: *Pausing for seconds before answering no.

And it was a very firm no.

It was indeed like a miracle. We do have the capabilities to resolve any issues if we are mentally strong enough to do so but very often, we require help. To add on to that, I am a religious person and yet, I am seeking help. As they said, only the strong/ wise seek help and not continue torturing themselves. What about you?

I still have other issues to resolve but I think I am not ready yet. And for those of you who are still doubting, try having a chit chat with him. Its free afterall and moreover, there are many slices of life that he will share with you, sincerely. So why not?

From the bottom of my heart, my utmost gratitude and may God bless you, Mcking. *^__^*

XD, 43 female, Singapore


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