Testimonial 24 Mar 2018

The hypnosis session with McKing was an experience like no other. The initial consultation was casual and comfortable, and he generously shared other client experiences (no names or personal details of course) to provide a deeper understanding of what can be achieved through hypnosis.

Not knowing what to expect, I was hesitant at first and felt nervous as McKing started the hypnosis, but he was extremely reassuring and guided me closely through the entire process. The takeaway was an incredible journey through my subconscious, having my fears and anxieties manifest themselves in imaginative symbols and being able to deal with them in a safe and healing environment.

The hypnosis helped me break free from my inhibitions in a surprisingly enjoyable way, I now understand how powerful the mind actually is and how easy it can be to overcome mental barriers with the right professional guidance. Thanks McKing for re-educating my mind and helping me create a better quality of life.

A, 28 female, Singaporean Chinese


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