Testimonial 24 Aug 2016

Presentation Lee McKing and anger somewhat

I went to McKing for a hypnotherapy session to overcome fear of public speaking and he used the DMI (Dynamic Mental Imagery) process in hypnotherapy to tap into my subconscious to overcome fear of public speaking.

I was surprised at how accurately it tapped into the inner desires of my subconscious mind and generated positive feelings that effectively gave me public speaking confidence. Now I actually look forward to speaking to large groups and no longer feel nervous or fearful about it!

McKing was very professional and friendly and I felt that I could trust him as a hypnotherapist. He also demonstrated the arm levitation on me and I was shocked/impressed that he could get my arm to lift without me consciously doing it.

I highly recommend him for any hypnosis sessions, five out of five stars!

IG, 32 female, Singaporean Chinese


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