Testimonial 23 June 2019

Presentation Lee McKing and being away

Experiencing hypnotherapy by Lee McKing has helped me overcome my underlying anxieties in life.

I initially had doubts about the effectiveness of such therapy. McKing conducted a friendly free pre-session meeting to first understand what I was going through and answered my questions satisfactorily.

I decided to give it a go as I felt I had anxiety when I travelled, often experiencing abdominal pains and had to go to the toilet urgently. Additionally, I had issues with overcoming ‘learning humps’, not having the motivation to learn something new and be competent at it.

The sessions were conducted in a comfortable, safe and assuring manner. I felt calm and relaxed as I was guided through my subconscious mind by Mcking and gradually untangled my inhibitions.

Days later, I could feel the positive effects, lesser stress and more motivation to do well in life. I felt more relaxed when travelling nowadays and have not experience any abdominal pains that I used to feel. This year, I’ve also been motivated to learn new things like dance and investing, being more active in applying what I’ve learnt to live a richer life.

Thank you Mcking!

KK, 31 male, Singaporean Chinese


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