Testimonial 19 Apr 2018

children playing

My son J now 10yo was diagnosed by DAS with dyslexia when he was 7. This affects his learning in school and he dislikes to read. I got to know McKing last year and I decided to let my son undergo a hypnosis session with McKing to fix the dyslexia and confidence issues. 1 week After the session, my Sis asked why J becomes more vocal and he speak up for himself.. I noticed that too. It Is amazing he don’t conceal his feelings / thoughts anymore and he is now more confident. I also tested his reading speed, it was lots faster and he could read small prints too. He said the words are not jumpy now.. 3mths+ had passed and I’m still seeing signs of improvement. He is reading a 300pgs book on Cristiano Ronaldo now. It is amazing! 🙂

Cherie, mother of J, Singaporean Chinese


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