Testimonial 16 May 2016

Presentation Lee McKing and tv interview

I went to seek McKing’s services as I was having an upcoming TV interview. I had experience of being interviewed by print media, but TV interviews are of a different experience and this sent butterflies to my stomach, even by the mere thought of it. After the consultation with McKing, I was skeptical when he told me that I will be ok during the TV interview, as we merely chatted and he told me to visualize myself being among the audience and be in touch with my feelings. On the journey to the interview, surprisingly I was not as jittery and no sweaty palms as I normally would have been. After the interview, I texted McKing to express my thanks and that I am impressed. If there is something which has been disturbing you, do check it out with McKing as it will be a pleasant experience with a sincere therapist.

Michelle Goh
Founder of CompleteMe dating agency


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