Testimonial 15 Dec 2019

Presentation Lee McKing and playing the piano

I consulted Mcking and had my very first hypnosis in late 2017. I was having bad tendon pains on both wrists and thumbs, hence it crippled my ability to practise and play the piano. My recovery wasn’t immediate but a few months after that first session with him, I could find myself playing the piano and practising without pain. I am very sure it was my hypnosis session and of course, adequate rest of my hands, that cured me because I did not seek any medical help.

The next time I consulted Mcking and had my second hypnosis session with him, was in Nov 2019 for an injury in my right jaw. Prior to seeing him, for close to 1.5years I always had a clicking sound in my jaw after eating. After my hypnosis session with Mcking, the clicking sound was reduced from many times a day, to about once in every few days! Amazing!

These 2 hypnosis sessions with Mcking have not only been so pleasant and assuring as he has been very patient and caring, they have also provided me healing from my physical ailments. Moving forward, if I have any other issues I would certainly not hesitate to consult Mcking. If hypnosis can help me to heal without taking medicine, why not! Thank you, Mcking!

Anonymous, Piano Teacher

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