Testimonial 14 Dec 2019

happy and free girl

Update on after my hypnotherapy ⁠

You know, after I date my ex-husband in my air force days, strangely I developed a fear of heights. Even sitting in the fighter jet cockpit to do work! It’s a crazy struggle in the mind.⁠
I will have a lot of issues.⁠

And so this fear of heights continues even after I divorce.⁠
As evident when I go site walk for work.⁠
Especially those utility hall with perforated flooring, like metal net type.⁠
I have a lot of difficulty walking through. And I am usually more than ten steps behind my customer.⁠

That was before.⁠

Now, same utility hall.⁠
Different feel.⁠
I can look down standing at level 3,⁠
Look down all the way to level 1.⁠

It makes me feel like I can definitely do more wonderful things.⁠

Thing is, my hypnotherapy was just about forgiving myself, ex-hub, parents and whoever that needs be.⁠⁠

EZ, 33 female, Singaporean Chinese


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