Testimonial 13 Jul 2019

Presentation Lee McKing and breaking down OCD

I have been suffering from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder with anxiety for many years. Recently my anxiety spiralled out of hand when I started work. I had trouble coping with the new environment and expectations. ⁠

I came to see McKing after exhausting all other means of therapy and medication regimes. I was desperate for a change and to quell my anxiety.⁠

I met up with McKing for a talk prior to the therapy sessions. He was friendly and open-minded, and I felt like I had a chance of solving my problems.

During the therapy, I felt very relaxed. The results of the therapy were incredible. I was able to go back to work soon after. ⁠

In fact, I was so impressed with Mcking’s work that I started to take an interest in hypnotherapy. I thoroughly enjoyed the therapy session, and began to read up on hypnotherapy.⁠

In summary, my interaction and session with McKing has opened my mind and also enriched me in a very special way. I’m confident that you will find his techniques useful regardless of what problem you face.

EL, 27 female, Singaporean Chinese


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