Testimonial 13 Feb 2020

presentation Lee McKing with pocket watch double breast vest

My initial idea of hypnosis was watching a swinging pendulum (or watch) and then falling “asleep” for two hours or so while the hypnotist asks you questions.

The book “Many Lives, Many Masters” by Dr. Brian Weiss got me really curious about what hypnosis can do, so I was googling about this online and I came upon Lee McKing’s website, which impressed me the most, amongst other websites. His blog posts were very interesting and I finally met up with McKing to find out more on how he could help me get rid of my problems.

Our first meet up lasted more than two hours. McKing opened my eyes to a new method of hypnosis, which simply involves sitting comfortably in his office armchair (or any other chair, depending on where he conducts the session), closing your eyes and relaxing totally, while listening to his soothing voice asking you questions related to your problems. Throughout our simple chit-chat, McKing patiently pointed out a few of my problems which I did not even realise they were there. I felt much better after talking to him, even with no hypnosis involved. For this meet up session, McKing did not charge me a single cent for taking up more than two hours of his time. Wow…

I then arranged for a hypnosis session with him a few weeks later. He was able to help me remove my blocks with certain people. I felt much calmer and at peace, an incredible feeling which I couldn’t describe in detail.

When I met one of these “certain people” a few weeks later, I surprised myself by automatically saying hi to her and giving her a hug. After this, I was totally in awe. Throughout my drive home, I couldn’t believe what I had just done. All resentment seemed to have disappeared. This feeling practically lasted me the rest of the day. In fact, even when I am recounting this now, I am still in awe.

Many thanks to McKing for helping me get rid of these “people” blocks. I highly recommend Lee McKing’s amazing services to anyone who needs help with getting rid of their problems. Rating: 10/10

Anonymous Lady, 39, Singapore


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