Testimonial 13 Aug 2019


I have low self-esteem and constantly doubt about my self worth. Recently, I faced some problems in my career and going through a break-up with my coworker, and it triggered me to become very emotional in negative way and have suicidal thought. ⁠

I am glad that my friend shared Mcking’s website to me during this time. I watched a few videos on his website and I was impressed and interested by how he had help people to reduce the fear in a short hypnosis session.⁠

So without further hesitation, I make an appointment with McKing for “chit-chat” before the therapy session. McKing was friendly and professional. During the chit-chat session, what he shared with me had helped me clarify how was my problems formed and how can hypnotherapy help to resolve it.

After the therapy, I feel better and relief, and it had help me switch my thinking in different perspectives and help me to be more in control of my emotion. Most importantly, I am good now .. and I still can’t believe I really don’t get emotional anymore when I see him (my ex) 😆😆⁠

It was a very mind opening experience. I would definitely recommend Mcking to anyone.

AN, 28 female, Malaysian Chinese


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