Testimonial 13 Apr 2019

Presentation Lee McKing and the wand of light

I will like to share this testimonial of myself where I was free from depression in 1 session 🕊⁣ ⁣ ⁣

Dear Mcking, ⁣Thank you for making me realise that I was having some depression. I didn’t think that I was having it. Thought that it’s just normal.. teary and feeling miserable most of the time. ⁣ At the beginning I was skeptical about having hypnosis, I was concerned that you maybe too young and inexperience, we had a chat before the start of the session, I was totally wrong about thinking you being young and inexperience! I was able to fully trust and feel your sincerity in wanting to help me just by talking to you! ⁣ What surprise me is that only just 1 session I feel so positive and renewed! I stopped having those negative thoughts. I am able to move forward and most importantly feel the warmth and love of my family! ⁣ I am very grateful to you and words can never thank you enough. God bless you and may he leads you to help more people. 🍁❤

TJ, 55 female, Singaporean Chinese


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