Testimonial 12 Dec 2019 (2)

Presentation Lee McKing and do not want to eat

Never would I expect myself to see a hypnotherapist but desperate time calls for desperate measure. It has been a turbulent year with more downs than ups, I am hovering on the brink of giving up my life. Deciding to pay McKing a visit was one of the best decision I made this year, and deciding to give hypnotherapy a try was definitely the best decision of the year.

I am now generally happier, not as anxious and definitely not anxious about getting anxiety attacks anymore. My perspective about a lot of things had changed drastically. The words I am using on myself changed too. So are my thoughts. Now I can better differentiate between my conscious and subconscious thoughts, and also be more mindful/conscious about the way I think and feel. This brought about a lot of positive changes in my life and I honestly recommend McKing for his professionalism.

ET, 31 female, Malaysian Chinese


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