Testimonial 10 Apr 2017

Presentation newpaper and marketing

I got to know McKing over The New Paper and was instantly intrigued by hypnotherapy. At the same time, I was feeling a blockage in my business and hence i signed myself up a session with him. That was Mid–2016. My first impression of McKing is that he is approachable and soothing to talk to. He really listens and he asks you carefully designed questions to help you manoeuvre around your problem. Without saying, he carries himself professionally, and his branding is definitely a plus point! By the end of the session, i felt lighter. I’m also glad to announce that by end of the year, I’ve gotten a breakthrough in my sales, and another 300% boost in the first quarter of 2017. Thank you McKing!

JL, 26 male, Singaporean Chinese


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