Testimonial 1 May 2018


I am always curious about Hypnotherapy and wonder if it is like in the movies.

Anyway, I met McKing 6 months back through a common friend. I asked him lots of questions and I decided to go through a session with him to (1) let go past unhappiness and (2) to make me smarter faster better in thinking, making decisions, solving problems and explaining things clearly and not being misunderstood as my main role is to make people complete their work.

After hypnosis, I was happier and begin to see the positive side of things. I’m able to find solutions to difficult situations without much frustration. Working partners commented that I smile more these days and find me more approachable despite my expectations are still high hahaha‚Ķ

Thanks McKing!

SN, 41 female, Singaporean Chinese


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