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A Story Of Loss And Grief

Today I write about something close to my heart Today I write about something from the past Today is my father’s death anniversary It’s a story of great loss and grief And part of a story of strength and life Many years ago, on the night of his passing My […]

Lee McKing with a female client going through the hypnosis session layout

How Can Hypnosis Resolve Problems Quickly?

This is a quick article into how I work! Especially if you are curious how I help people resolve issues quickly with hypnosis 😉 Anyway, most people come to me with a problem Here is the first key learning – it usually isn’t the real problem! Ok sometimes it is, […]

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Can Hypnosis Help Children?

The short answer is, sure it can 🙂 Here is the rundown: If you are a parent, then whatever you say can influence your child in more ways than 1 I use “hypnotised” loosely here but yes, if you are a parent, you are hypnotising your children Whether for good […]