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Presentation Lee McKing and putting it together

Does Our Mental Health Affect Our Physical Health?

This might be something that a lot of people don’t realize And yes, our mental health can affect our physical health And no, it isn’t just stress that affects Our entire mental and psychological state affects our physical health in ways which… most people don’t realize Of course, nowadays people […]

Presentation Lee McKing and being overwhelmed

An Encounter With… The Butterfly Fairy From Heaven

Today we have an interesting case study of hypnosis Well, I personally think all my cases have interesting elements but this might cut the cake! I share 2 types of case studies involving hypnosis, Stories in Your Mind and Encounters A Story in Your Mind is a pretty normal and […]

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Testimonial 26 May 2018

Recently my dad, at 83 yrs old, had his rashes flare up again. We have brought him to GP, polyclinic and even referred to National skin center. Each time it happen, it will take months for it to subside. Its very frustrating as well as it brought so much discomfort […]