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Presentation Lee McKing and being overwhelmed

I Can’t Believe I’m Closing The Largest Hypnosis Group Ever

It was back in 2016 when I decided to start a meetup group on hypnosis, since at that time, it didn’t look like anything good was around I had the idea to share with the community, about the mind, a touch of psychology, and hypnosis in general Raising public awareness […]

Presentation Lee McKing and hypnosis with female client

3 Important Points To Share Before The Year Ends

*Blink blink* and it’s nearly the end of 2022 Aligned with Christmas, I want to focus on a couple of things today To be honest, thinking for this particular article was a bit tricky this time round I had a lot to think about My mom had a stroke a […]

Lee McKing the Hypnotist with his client having a chat

A Bit Of Gratitude Goes A Long Way~

Christmas is gone and the New Year is coming~ And so I decided to do a lookback at the past few years Yes, I have been in this profession for close to 7 years now (at the time of this writing) Crazy!~ I mean seriously, who in their right mind […]

Lee McKing The Hypnotist with some of his members from the Singapore Hypnosis Meetup

Testimonial 6 May 2017

I recently attended Mcking’s meet-up session on How To Learn A Skill From Multiple People. It was very interesting and an eye-opening experience to learn that we actually can learn skills in such a way but I felt that need to practice this new way of learning skills. I also […]