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Presentation Lee McKing and crocodile

The Story In Your Mind – My Husband Is A Crocodile!

Welcome back to another interesting story of hypnosis where I share case studies and what my clients experience while under hypnosis! Stories in the mind are seemingly normal yet unique experiences while encounters are where my clients get a visit from a higher being (usually it is their God!) In […]

presentation waa!! come again!! CB_

Waa!! Come Again!! CB~

Today is the start of the new Enhanced Covid 19 Measures for Singapore and it runs from 16 May 2021 to 13 Jun 2021 I think most people will say… CB~ Even though it is not exactly Circuit Breaker Same same but different And of course, we see a repeat […]

presentation lee mcking thinking hard

Do Medicine And Hypnosis Go Together?

So you might be wondering… Do medicine and hypnosis go together? Well, not exactly As we all know, medicine is usually prescribed by a doctor or a psychiatrist While hypnosis is… hypnosis And it’s considered an alternative treatment So back to the question of whether they can work together… In […]