Starting Anew, Starting Afresh!

starting anew with Lee McKing

It’s the first week of year 2018 and I realized something very interesting!

You see, on the last week of 2017, I had only 1 appointment that week

It just seemed like a regular holiday December Christmas week right?

So Monday was pretty chill… and Tuesday I had 4 client enquiries

Wednesday had 3 and Thursday had another 2?!

Like what is happening?!

Friday I now have 4 appointments, and some more client enquiries

And that was just the start!!

Saturday I had another 4 appointments and Sunday, New Year’s Eve, I had 3 client appointments

And I had a day of rest on New Year and then the rest of the week was clients and appointments all again until Sunday

And then it hit me!

About why I have a whole week of back to back clients!

Ok maybe the Law of Attraction is happening for me hahah

But I had other thoughts

Perhaps these people wanted to resolve their issues so that they can start 2018 anew and afresh!

And that’s pretty smart actually

Imagine finally being able to achieve your resolutions, goals and successeswhat would you do when you are finally free

My clients are pretty smart!

Think about it for a moment…

It’s the new year and you want to find a way to resolve your past issues

To let go of burdens and chains

So that you can be free of those issues and move forward in life

Doesn’t that sound like something you might be looking for?

So if you are ready to start anew and start afresh, do consider having a chat with me 😉

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