People Who Cannot Be Hypnotised

Ok if you are reading this, you are probably wondering whether you are one of those people who cannot be hypnotised


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Anyway, to answer this question, we got to first break down into the types of hypnosis that can be done first

There are 4 main types or uses of hypnosis

  1. Self hypnosis
  2. Hypnotherapy
  3. Stage hypnosis
  4. Street hypnosis
Lee McKing pondering about hypnosis

Self Hypnosis

Self hypnosis is essentially you hypnotising yourself

That’s pretty straightforward right?

Interesting fact

We are usually hypnotising ourselves in a negative way already!

This means everyone is hypnotising themselves in one way or another

The problem here is that we do it unintentionally

You see, we can hypnotise ourselves with the same stuff our parents “implant” into our minds

Yet, it can potentially be tricky to self hypnotise when it goes against what’s already in your mind

For example, if you were brought up with the idea of poverty, it can be quite challenging to self hypnotise yourself into being rich

For a better understanding of what’s happening, read this


Next, hypnotherapy is when someone, like me, guides a client into a hypnotic trance to resolve issues

So who cannot be hypnotised in this manner?

For one, someone who doesn’t want hypnosis to resolve their issues!


For two, someone who doesn’t want to resolve their issues

Yes, you can resist hypnosis if you don’t want to be hypnotised

(Except when you do self hypnosis by accident… shrug…)

Recently I discovered a third group of people who cannot be hypnotised in a hypnosis session

Dun dun dunnn!!!

These people like to be in control, to control everything around them to fit what they want, they could on occasion be perfectionist but not always

Yes you might label them as a “control freak” but I don’t really want to label them as such

They just want to control things to ensure things go the way they want

Now, you might be asking, why would they be unable to get into hypnosis in a hypnotherapy session?

You see, in a hypnosis session (by the way, hypnosis and hypnotherapy can be used interchangeably), I’m like a guide

I guide you through your mind, the maze of problems, to find a solution

Or even multiple solutions

So what happens when such a person tries hypnosis?

They attempt to control their hypnosis to fit what they “think is right”


It’s like they are driving, and I have the map, but they took the map into their own hands and attempt to drive at the same time!

Whereas it will have been easier if I guide them with the map while they drive comfortably

And that’s why they cannot be hypnotised

Now there could be other groups of people, but hey, I’ve only hypnotised 600+ people thus far so there is always more to learn 🙂

Stage Hypnosis

Regarding stage hypnosis, it’s a type of hypnosis done for entertainment (and you guessed it) on stage

Although some people, like myself, might do a bit of it for educational purposes (like in a company workshop)

Some magicians might also use this in their performance

Someone who cannot be hypnotise on stage is usually someone who doesn’t like attention in the first place

Or they have stage fright

Hence the stage hypnotist or magician (or maybe even a mentalist come to think of it) will have to pick the person or people to be on stage

And even then they got to be prepared for a potential one or two (especially if it is a group hypnosis performance) to back out and request to get off the stage

Street Hypnosis

The last is street hypnosis, it’s a type of hypnosis done on the streets

It is also usually done for entertainment, and especially in other countries like perhaps in USA, they can also use it for exposure and marketing purposes

I mean for a practising hypnotherapist to do street hypnosis with random strangers for marketing and exposure

After all, if the guy can do it on the streets with random strangers, you are probably more willing to experience it to resolve your issues right?

Unfortunately, a lot of people can potentially resist the hypnotist here ahaha

It depends on whether you want to be hypnotised in the first place

Although the hypnotist (especially if well experienced) can spot people in a crowd, and spot people who are in a trance like state already

If they can do so, the success goes up

Now there is a sub category which some of you are probably thinking about

What about the con men?


Admittedly, it is possible some con men use some form of hypnosis on the streets to con people, however, you must realize they use more of other techniques such as cold readings, fake fortune telling, fake psychics etc

And again, not everyone can be suggestible to the con too

These con men need to pick their targets, and usually attempts a few mentalist skills, or fake fortune reads to entice the target

Here’s my experience allowing myself to be con by 2 con men which you can read for a more in depth analysis

You can resist them by not believing strangers on the street

Just like what mum and dad used to say 🙂

Lee McKing shrug presentation

And there you have it

It’s a very quick glance at the 4 types of hypnosis as well as the groups of people who cannot be hypnotised

Is it a forever thing?


People can change

If someone decided to resolve their issues, they can go into hypnosis to resolve it

If someone decides to let go of their controlling nature, even if it is just a fraction, the possibility to enter hypnosis to find solutions opens up

If someone feels down on their luck and wants to hear good stuff from a random stranger on the street, they open themselves to a con

There, I said it, so don’t ok?

So yea, do you think you are one of these people?

What makes you say that?

Or perhaps you aren’t part of the above?

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Who knows, it might make for an interesting conversation 🙂

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