Losing Sleep Over Sleep

Ironically, sleep isn’t as simple as we think 😛

Over the years, I’ve met quite a few clients with sleep issues

Namely insomnia but some have sleep relates issues such as recurring nightmares, unable to wake up on time, etc etc

And because of how sleep is constructed in our minds during our childhood, it may or may not become a problem later on in life

For example, the guy with the recurring nightmare doesn’t get a good night’s rest because he will dream of seeing his family getting shot and unalived

This is because when he was young, he saw his dad getting shot and unalived (they lived in another country)

Thus, resolving this trauma allowed him to not only have a well deserved sleep, but also for his spouse

He usually end up screaming himself (and his spouse) awake!

For another lady who had insomnia, she felt that it was due to her divorce with her husband and her break up with her recent boyfriend that might be causing this

As it turns out, it was because when she was a child, her dad accompanied her to sleep and this taught her unconscious mind to only be able to sleep when a man is sleeping with her

This is similar to Selina Jen of S.H.E who is unable to sleep alone and even was looking to hire an assistant who will accompany her to sleep

It is possible that when Selina was a child, the family shared a bed, or she slept with her parents

This trained her mind to develop a requirement of another person in order to sleep

So yea, like I said, sleep isn’t as simple as we think

But before we book a hypnosis session…

There are of course some cases of insomnia where it is easily rectified and do not need a hypnosis session

Like my mom’s ex-colleague who had suffered from insomnia for a couple of weeks already

At that time, I was just a budding hypnotist and still exploring around

My mom asked if I can help her with her sleep issues

That very night, I crafted a hypnosis script and recorded my voice to help with this

Well, to be precise, I crafted my hypnosis audio to target 3 main sleep issues

  • the inability to sleep
  • the quality of sleep
  • the inability to wake up

Come morning and I asked my mom for her friend’s email and sent the audio to her

And it worked!

She listened to it once and fell asleep

And she reported she didn’t suffer from insomnia again

Until maybe a couple months later when she cannot sleep again, then she will listen to my audio again

Of course, for her insomnia to repeat itself, it may be possible that a better solution is to do some hypnosis to resolve the roots

However, even a temporary solution is a solution

Since then I have probably given my audio to like 100 people to test out

Take Steve for example

Actually, it was his son that needed it

I met Steve and his then 10 year old son and OMG

I was shocked at how dark and big the eyebags were on his son

Yet apparently, his son was sleeping the right number of hours per night

This means that the quality of sleep is not good

I gave my audio to Steve and told him to play it when his son is going to sleep

Lee McKing and Steve

“Wow your audio is power man! Normally I sleep with my son then go to my own bed when he fall asleep but when I play your audio, I also fell asleep!”

— Steve, Dad

After a week, the dark eyebags were no longer there too!

Then we have Amy, who shared that she normally cannot wake up even with 6 alarm clocks ringing by her bed!

I gave her my audio and told her to listen to it before she slept and also to set the intention to wake up at a certain timing

It depends on what time you want to wake up right?

As you set your intention, you are letting your unconscious mind know what time is the best time for you to wake up

Whether it be because you going for a job or you getting ready for work or whatever

The next day she texted me and was so amazed!

It was the first time she woke up a minute before her first alarm rang!!

Can you imagine how much more productive she can be now?

And also save herself from buying more alarms and their batteries

Now considering that I have tested this audio with such great results, I believe it is time to go public with it

So yes, I am selling this hypnosis audio for a great night’s sleep right now

Funnily enough I didn’t know how to price this so I did a quick Google and found one hypnosis for sleeping better at night and it is going at USD 99

That’s… a bit too much I think

Tell you what, I’ll do you a special

Here’s a shorter version of my sleep audio that is found on Youtube

It is 13 minutes long and my original audio is about 26 minutes long

Now you can have the free version and if it works, that’s awesome ~

And if you are cool with it, or you want a greater effect, you can support me by buying this audio at USD 27

And just to make it sweeter, I’ll even cut it down to 33% or just USD 9

Remember to download the audio and save to your device after purchasing it!

And play it when you are ready to sleep

Now of course, you might have a question

What if the audio still doesn’t work?

What if for whatever reason, you still can’t sleep?

Then my friend, you have to book a hypnosis session with me because your sleep issue is more deeply rooted or heavily constructed in your unconscious mind

If so, contact me in the right bottom corner of this page and I’ll chat with you soon