It’s Friday The 13th!

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So a big question is: Is Friday the 13th a day of bad luck? Lee McKing shrug

Well first of all, I believe we should look into the origins of Friday the 13th first before moving forward to the question of whether this day is a day of bad luck or not

So what are it’s origins?

Honestly, no one can say for sure! LOL!

Some say it’s because when Jesus Christ had his Last Supper before his Crucifixion, 13 is considered unlucky because there were 13 people seated at the Last Supper

Others say it’s because supposedly, Jesus Christ died on Friday the 13th, which is bad right?

Even though He died for our sins, he still died; hence it’s considered bad

Other stories, include important people dying on Friday the 13th, or the Knights Templar been captured

Do note that the superstition of Friday the 13th is a Western Superstition

In Eastern Superstition, the number 4 is considered bad luck because it sounds like “die” in Mandarin

Anyway, is there any evidence of such a superstition?

Probably not!

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So what gives? 

Since the bad luck surrounding Friday the 13th is probably not real, what does it mean?

In fact, what is luck?

Luck is basically a chance for something to happen, isn’t it?

Interestingly enough, chance is basically probability

So that means luck is probability!

For example, the probability of getting a head or a tail in 1 in 2 or 50%

The probability of getting a head 3 times in a row is 1 in 8 or 12.5%

Let’s say you and I have a game, and if you get 3 heads in a row, you win while if I get 3 tails in a row, I win

Both of us have equal chances of winning at 12.5% each

So what’s really luck?

Let’s define it a bit better

Luck is how you see chance or probability

For example, if you win, you have good luck while if you lose, you have bad luck

So luck, or probability is fixed, it’s whether it’s in your favour or not that determines whether it’s good or bad

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Kind of makes sense now doesn’t it? 

And really makes you think hard huh?

But wait, what about if you get hit by bird droppings?

Great question!

Because no one wins in that situation right?

Well, think about this for a second

How often do you get hit by bird droppings?

Maybe once or twice or maybe even none at all!

I don’t think you can guess mine though…


I lost count after getting hit by bird droppings 13 times…


And no, they do not happen in the same area, nor do I live in an area with a lot of birds

I gotten hit in various places like my primary school, my church, the bus interchange, on the way to the barber, in Orchard, my polytechnic etc etc

And I used to think I was unlucky (just in case you thought you were really unlucky too)

Interestingly, some people think getting hit by bird droppings is lucky and you should buy a lottery ticket

You see my friend, it’s all about perspective

So anyway, after I view through a different lens

To have a positive mindset and positive thinking

Well, things have been pretty lucky for me!

So if luck is really all about mindset, what does that mean for you?

I want to hear your thoughts so comment below and let’s discuss! 😀

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