It’s Every Child’s Special Day

happy birthday

When I was very young, on one of my birthdays, my dad realized I was quite upset

I was upset because I got a birthday present but my brothers had a present each too

And he realized what was happening

So he took me aside and said this

“McKing, I tell you something. You are born on a very special day you know. The whole of Singapore is celebrating your birthday. So even though other kids get presents too, it’s because they are celebrating your birthday.”

Technically it isn’t true that they are celebrating my birthday but it sure did make me feel better

And change my perspective on birthdays too

Yeap, I am born on Children’s Day in Singapore!!

Well, before the government changed the date so that kids can have a longer weekend hahahaha

You might be wondering, what changed for me?

Somehow or other, because of that one eventful day

I don’t really celebrate my birthday much

Sure I have a small family lunch but that’s it

Nothing big or fancy

And because it’s Children’s Day

I ended up celebrating by giving presents to kids!

children playing

Like during my internship at preschools and childcare centres

And I treat some of my friends too

But being an introvert hahaha

I just like to chill at home and sleep

Anyway, Happy Children’s Day to Singaporean kids!!

And Happy Birthday to all October babies!

May you all get your wishes come true and have lots more happiness and joy~~

Now I’m going back to sleep 😛


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