Is The Mind Control Gang Using Hypnosis?

Presentation Lee McKing and mind control or not

Recently there has been talk of a “mind control gang” in JB especially with a new incident happening as reported by Goodyfeed and Mothership

Is it real?

What are they using?

The interesting (and perhaps odd) thing is that the original post that both were referring to was taken down already

Which does make one wonder if it was just some fake news that aim to create and spread fear and anxiety


Anyway I shall assume there is a possibility and go along with it for this article

Cause if it is fake news, then nothing to write liao


The mind control stories around the world…

Generally speaking, to me, whether it is one person or a group of people, one thing comes to mind

Con men

That’s right

Such “mind control” incidents are usually done by con men

I shared details of the time I allowed myself to be conned so you can get a sense of things

Now generally speaking, there has to be a conversation first of course

And there is something else before the conversation – choosing the victim

In a sense, it is easier for a foreigner to con a local (or vice versa) simply because of a couple of things

The local (victim) might think the foreigner (con man) needs help with something in the local’s country

Or the foreigner (victim) might be new to the local’s country and thus not knowing of the local custom, thus opening up to the possibility of getting tricked or conned by a local con man

There are all sorts of scams and cons around the world!

For example, in Paris, there are “beggars” who put clear plastic cups with some coins way out front so that passerbys will knock over the cup (because it is transparent)

The victim might feel compelled to apologise by giving some money to the “beggar”

Or perhaps the “beggar” might yell at the victim before the victim give some money as compensation

Now of course, closer to home (namely Singapore and Malaysia) there is a story of someone tapping your shoulder and you get “hypnotised” into giving them all your money

And now this recent story where there is a “smell”

What gives?

Presentation Lee McKing and looking up

First of all, is it hypnosis?

In both types of stories, no it isn’t

And in case you think I’m just covering up, think of it this way

If it were so easy to hypnotize people by tapping on the shoulder, I will have done it to every smoker on the streets and make them stop smoking!

Heck why stop there?

Why not meet the MPs at Meet The MPs sessions and make them think I’m deserving to be an MP then I can sit at home, shake leg and money come money come~

Bloody hell!

Why not do that to a girl so I can get a girlfriend and get married?!


Seeing as I’m still single, you know that doesn’t work already

So, tapping on the shoulder, if there was really such a case, how did it work?

What is more likely is that there is a tiny pin with a drug that can induce someone into a more suggestible state and the culprit has it in the hand

In fact, upon tapping on the shoulder, even if one feels the prick, one will first be thinking, who is this person that tap me on the shoulder with their hand, and not what is the prick?

By then, the drug will have induced the victim into a trance-like state and is now open to suggestions like “give me all your money” or whatever

Assuming all that is true because otherwise it is just a fake story

And yes, the “smell” the victims detected and reported could be a new type of drug that works with scent, rather than a prick

The culprit can put some cotton in their nose to reduce the effects or perhaps there is some other drug to counteract

Presentation Lee McKing and shocked

Why is it chemically induced and not actual hypnosis?


Because actual hypnosis is permission or consent based

I will need your permission to hypnotize you, and even if you are under hypnosis, any suggestions I give you will still need your consent to carry out

Meaning if you come for a session of hypnosis and I ask you to give me your credit card number, you will more likely open your eyes and look at me and ask…

“For what?”

That’s how hypnosis works

Which is also why when I get parents who bring their children and ask me to make their children a good and obedient child

It doesn’t work that way~

If the child is refusing to listen to the parents’ instructions, no matter what I do, the child will still refuse the parents’ instructions

Although if you ask me, the child might be doing this because the trust of the parent was broken somehow

For example the parent might have promised to bring the child to the zoo but on that scheduled date, the parent change the mind and didn’t bring the child

With continued instances of broken promises, the child will learn not to trust the parents anymore and thus, will not listen nor follow their instructions any longer

Anyway yea, I cannot do that to a child, what more an adult?

Even when we want to resolve an issue, we got to ensure the person really does want to resolve the issue in the first place

A guy might come to stop smoking but only because his girlfriend can’t stand smoking

He really want to keep smoking because of whatever perceived benefits

Which means I can’t help him

Even if I make him taste vomit whenever he smokes, it might “break” because he really wants to smoke

Lee McKing authentic mirror image presentation

So is it real or fake?

It could still be fake stories just to spread fear and anxiety among the people for this particular story

Especially since the post was removed

Otherwise, it is more of a chemically induced state via drugs like a prick or smell

For the fortune telling con man, you can read the time I allowed myself to be conned

Due to the construct, structure and the flow, most people will believe the con man has magic powers of predictions, but it is all parlour tricks

A gimmick

And of course, if some guys end up admitting they having an affair to the con man and got scammed, they won’t want to admit it to the police cause it will show in the report

Then the wife might know and oops

So more likely they will say they don’t know what happened, got memory loss, got hypnotized hence cannot remember~

In this case, lying will save their marriage (and their life)

Some last words: Regardless where you go, if you keep vigilant, whether it is regarding your belongings or your children, I believe you can stay safe and well

And enjoy your trip!

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