I’m Going For Reservist

Presentation Lee McKing and being away

Hey there

If you are reading this, I will be going for my reservist from 2 May to 10 May 2019

So I might not be able to reply you that fast

But thanks for messaging me on Facebook (if you came from there)

And thanks for reading this

I will like to share some really important stuff with you

First off, you might be wondering how hypnosis works

One critical idea I wish to share with you is that hypnosis occurs every day, multiple times a day

And it’s this naturally occurring state of trance where I do my work

Please read more about hypnosis here

Next, you might have some misconceptions about hypnosis which this article can clarify

And the biggest difference is between traditional hypnosis and conversational hypnosis

Now traditional hypnosis is the classic deep relaxation that we tend to watch on the TV while conversational hypnosis is the modern hypnosis where the client and the hypnotist is conversing throughout the hypnosis

This is really touch and go, so please read the article links here

Once you have a basic idea of what hypnosis is all about, the next key thing is your issues

What are the issues you want to resolve?

Lee McKing phone

As you ponder and condense your thoughts about this

You can drop me a text at 6597:8:174:43

And in case you’re wondering why is my number like that

It is to prevent bots from taking my number too easily hahahahah

You could also email me at mcking (a) leemcking.sg but take note that I will have no access to my work email!

So it’s probably easier to text me (don’t call!) unless you are willing to wait for a reply via email

And of course, remember that I might be slow to reply

By the way, here are some more blogs that you might want to read

If you have mental health issue and is on medication, please read this important blog

If your issue is love and relationship, please read this and or this

Wondering if your career is an issue that can be resolved? Check this out

Not sure what’s happening but feel like you ain’t yourself? This might give some insights

Anything else or everything else, wait for me to get back šŸ™‚

Or if you text me, wait for me to reply

Alright I think that’s about it ahahaha

And maybe I’ll see you 11 May onwards!

Cheers everyone! šŸ™‚

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