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February is here and the Lunar New Year is just round the corner!!

Some of you might be wondering whether I am still open or closing for the new year

Don’t worry

I will not be seeing clients during the visitation days and that’s all

Which means I will be closed from Friday to Saturday, 16 Feb 2018 to 17 Feb 2018 

Wait doesn’t that mean you will see clients on Sunday 18 Feb 2018??

Why yes my friend, I will if there is a need to 🙂

Anyway, probably more important is that I will be going on reservist for a week before the Lunar New Year

So I will be closed from 3 Feb 2018 to 9 Feb 2018

Lee McKing phone

During this time, you can text me at 659-781-744-3 

And in case you are wondering why I break up the number like that is to prevent bots from taking my number that easy hahahah

You could also email me at mcking (a) leemcking.sg but take note that I will have no access to my work email!

So it’s probably easier to text me (don’t call!) unless you are willing to wait for a reply via email

Alright this is more like an announcement rather than a blog post hahahaha

Cheers everyone! 😀

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