If You Are Curious And You Know It…

Lee McKing the Hypnotist with his client having a chat

So I got some feedback that perhaps some of you might be curious to ask a question or two about hypnosis

But you might be shy, feel awkward, or just don’t want anyone to know

And I respect that

So that’s why I started an account on Tiktok


This way, you can ask your questions to your heart’s content!

And without fear of being judged haha

Anyway, today I want to clarify something about hypnosis

Especially if you have no idea what is real and what is false

What’s real about hypnosis?

You see, there is a lot of content out there about hypnosis

And as with all information in the digital age

Some are real, and some, not so much

Because such places of content could possibly be skewed to what they want to portray

Even mine!

So my suggestion is, this

Read both views (or all views) about hypnosis (or anything really) and then decide for yourself what’s real and what’s not

Or find an expert, and observe this person, maybe even get to chat with this person and ask everything

Only continue if the answer is satisfactory

Hopefully this way, you get a clearer view of what is and what isn’t (according to different people) and then form your own views and perceptive

And in case you are wondering, you can read about hypnosis in my website here

Or join me in my Singapore Hypnosis Meetup

Until then, ask your personal questions here or write me an email 🙂

And keep reading and learning!

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