How To Unstuck Your Mind

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You might probably be curious what it means to unstuck your mind

So first, we will explore what’s a stuck mind!

Although it’s also possible you already know

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A stuck mind is one where… it’s stuck! 

Perhaps you might be stuck as if you had hit a roadblock

Whether it’s career, relationship or life in general

Where you find yourself in a mess or a fog

And you cannot get out!

Some might feel like they are caught in a web or cemented

Or even moving through mud in every day life

If you feel any of the above, or even more

Then yes, you are stuck!


Wait what??!

You want to know why I’m congratulating you for realising you are stuck?


Cause when you realise you are stuck, you can find a way (or two) to get unstuck!

Worse is the guy who is stuck in the mud and doesn’t realise it

Or his life is a mess and he just accepts the mess as if it’s normal

Do you agree?

Well anyway, now that you realise you are stuck in life, career, relationship or whatever

We can get unstuck

So the next bit – is how?

First of all, I already shared an excellent exercise for getting unstuck

This exercise here is great for helping people find clarity in their <blank>

Where <blank> can be any area in their life

Like life in general, or career, or money, or relationship, etc etc

So that was pretty quick sharing (although the exercise itself might take a bit of time)

Please please please spend some time and do the exercise in the link above earnestly if you really want to do it

And don’t do it halfheartedly ok?

Second is where there seems to be something holding you back

Now this is another exercise you can do by yourself

  1. Identify the stuck feeling
  2. Let it create a form or symbol
    • If it identifies like mud or net or chains or similar, find a way to remove it; water to wash the mud, knife to cut the net
    • If it has something like just a mass of energy, see if you can push it away
    • If it creates a mess of energy (see what I did there hahaha), there are a couple of variations from straightening the mess into a line or erasing it completely
    • If you get a wall, a block or a barrier, find a way through it; whether it’s finding a door through, smashing the barrier down etc
    • Regardless of the above ways, you have a generic way too, ask the form or symbol this question, “What’s your positive intention for me?” and if it responds, great! If it doesn’t try the ways above
  3. Now whether you decide to ask the question or make it go away in one way or another, after everything is done, you can now try to find the stuck feeling and see whether it’s still there, the feeling reduced, or it has completely go away

This simple 3 step process (plus some variations) can help unstuck your mind!

But… what if the above didn’t work?

Well you can always drop me a message here

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After all, there are so many possible ways to get stuck and I am unable to share all the ways to get unstuck

So the ones I can share, can help some for sure 🙂

Third and last, are the ones stuck in the past

This is slightly trickier though

There are 2 main versions to this stuck in the past too

The first version is due to a trauma or similar

In such cases, it’s likely a regression or timeline technique that will be most effective

You can choose to see me or anyone who can do a safe regression or timeline with you

I will not recommend doing a regression by yourself unless are have gone through the right training

Cause otherwise it can be detrimental!!! 

Now the other version for why someone is stuck in the past…

Is that they are stuck in the past


Ok let me explain an important concept

You see, we have a timeline inside us (although some is outside us)

And this timeline can be congruent or incongruent

Basically, ok or not ok

Ok is pretty good

Not ok is not so good

Generally in cases where the timeline is incongruent is when the past is blocking the future

Let me share a quick case study 

Lee McKing pondering about hypnosis

This client came to me and wondered why she is stuck in achieving her dreams and goals 

And she started talking about what her dreams and goals are

Then she suddenly talked about her past and started crying

When she calmed down, I check where her timeline was and how it’s constructed


Or not bingo…

Well anyway, her future was above and to her right, so you can imagine having to look up at your future…

Seems far, doesn’t it?

And in between her future and herself, was her past

Which means every time she looks to her future

Her dreams and goals etc

She has to see her past first!

And she starts crying!

Because her past was blocking the future

In the mind, this might be what’s happening

But in reality, we think the person is stuck in the past or cannot let go of the past

Know anyone like that?

For this part, my suggestion and recommendation is to seek a professional for help

Because we need to adjust the timeline and make it congruent again

PS. I helped the client to make her timeline congruent and it’s almost a year now and I hear she is making good progress 🙂

There you have it!

I shared with you a couple of exercises to unstuck your mind

And showed you a number of ways your mind (or your friend’s) can get stuck

If you found some benefit and want to help me to share so you can give some benefit to your friends on Facebook

That will help spread some happy positive moments around the world 🙂

Thank you!

And I’ll see you soon!

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