How To Travel Back In Time

Time Travel with Lee McKing

Ooooo are we finally going sci-fi and open a time portal to the middle ages?

Or perhaps use a time machine like in Back To The Future?

(Which is a great movie by the way)

Or maybe we are doing something else?

Yup, we are talking about regressions via hypnosis 🙂

Previously we discussed about the different types of regressions and how they worked

And today I will be sharing about how to go back in time!!

Caution: Time Travel Is Dangerous And Should Only Be Done With Adult Supervision!!

Ok ok I’m kidding HAHAHA

But please do not any old how mess with your mind!!

Lee McKing seek help

There are multiple ways to go back in time via a regression and you probably do a couple of them by yourself!!


The first is simple

Recall a memory

There, that’s it

And I’m serious

When you recall a memory from your past, sometimes they bring happiness and joy and sometimes they bring sadness and grief, don’t they?

In a way, this is the simplest way to travel back in time

With or without hypnosis

However, we do not usually do anything to those memories or emotions and thus, no therapy was done

Fair enough?

I think I mentioned before that we humans go into mini-trances all by ourselves

Just that most of the time, we do it without an intention to solve a problem

mcking children

Now another method or technique is to visualize a timeline leading back into the past

NLP-ers might recognize this as part of timeline therapy

Honestly, you can find this technique in older hypnosis scripts

Timeline therapy is just another name to call a regression

So what happens is the client travels as far back as necessary along the timeline

Quite a few regressions are visual based really, others might be down a corridor with doors, a lift with floors etc

I want to quickly share a case where I had a client with fog

Case Study

So this client came to me and when we did the hypnosis, she only saw darkness

I reassured her that her unconscious mind will soon do something, we just had to wait patiently

Fog came all by itself (in her mind of course) and when it went away, it was some time in 1800s in New York and she was a 20 something year old lady waiting for her husband to pick her up!!

Shortly after, the fog came back and everything blurred out

And when it disappeared, she was now a 17 year old girl leaving in a stone cottage with her parents somewhere in Netherlands

We had to resolve a bit of issues here though (which I will leave out)

The fog soon came back (it was like a time travel thing!!) and when it went away, she was now a 8 year old girl waiting for the school bus to go to school

All 3 had different names! Different places! Different times!

So this is how you time travel!

But wait, there’s more!

There is also a kinaesthetic method to travel back in time

Ok for real now, please do not do this unless you know what you are doing!!

I’m really serious ok!

The method is simple though

Find an emotion that you want to travel back in time to and allow that feeling to bring you back when it first started

This is really good for resolving negative emotions like fear, grief, anger anxiety etc

Why is this more dangerous than the visual time travel?

lee mcking grey

Well, if you revisit your past traumas of fear or anxiety without someone like me to guide you to resolve it and back to the present time, you might reopen the can of worms and your fears or anxieties can increase two-fold, three-fold or worse 

Now you know why time travelling by yourself is potentially dangerous…

If you could time travel safely to fix something, what would you do?

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