How To Set And Complete Your New Year’s Resolutions

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We are 2 weeks into the new year and hopefully it has been a great start for you so far!

Now if you are like most people, you might set some New Year resolutions but find that at the end of the year, it doesn’t get completed

Although if you have been able to complete your resolutions that you have set for previous years, kudos to you!

Those are some excellent steps towards improving yourself and realizing your goals!

This does not mean this article might not be for you though

You might learn a couple of extra things which can help you to complete and achieve your resolutions!

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Setting A New Year Resolution

1. Setting a SMART Resolution

And I don’t just mean an intelligent resolution, rather, follow the SMART method of goal setting

S – Specific – Specify what your resolution or outcome, what you want to achieve

M – Measurable – Ensure that the resolution can be measured for progress checking and accountability

A – Achievable – Make sure that your resolution can be achievable within your means and abilities

R – Relevant – It has to align with you, your values, what you want, etc

T – Time Frame – Set a period to which to complete your resolution, and ensure that it is within your capability to do so

If you set a SMART resolution, you will be well on your way to completing and achieving it!

Let’s say one possible resolution is to lose weight by the end of the year

How can we improve this resolution using the SMART method?

Pause here and think for a bit…




Yes! You can define a specific weight you want to maintain at

“I want to weight about 55kg by the end of 2024!”

That’s a much better resolution than the earlier!

Of course, if someone (like my brother) were to be at 160kg in the beginning, will dropping to 55kg be achievable?

Well, no, it might not be realistic

If one were to set such a resolution, and unable to achieve it, you might end up losing morale instead

On the other hand, if my brother were to set a resolution to weight 110kg by the end of 2024, that is a much better, healthier progress

Now of course, there is still work to be done!

Having a clear outcome you want to achieve will make things so much more easier

to stay or not to stay

2. Break That Resolution Into Achievable Steps

Yes that’s right, more planning work!

Now using the above example, let’s say my brother wants to lose 50kg by the end of the year

Maybe it sounds like a lot?!

You can choose to break it down however you want, quarterly, monthly, even weekly

It depends on what your resolutions are and whether they can be tracked in that manner

Let’s break this resolution down into monthly progress for now

We got 12 months so if we lose about 4kg a month, we hitting 48kg and nearing the end goal of 110kg already!

That’s about 1kg to lose a week

Doesn’t that sound really small now?

Of course, resolutions aren’t set in stone!

So if you think you can potentially increase the limit, then go ahead!

Let’s say my brother decides to track his progress every weekend

Imagine he sees his weight go down progressively each week, how will you think he is feeling?!

Say in June, he might decide to tweak so his new resolution is to drop to 90kg instead of 110kg

That’s cool too~

Now of course, if he realizes that whatever he is doing isn’t up to standard, then he need to relook at other factors, like food intake, or the exercise he is doing (or not doing)

Of course, if your resolution is to travel to 6 new countries by the end of the year, you won’t have a monthly progress to track!

It will be more like, the odd months are to check for countries which look interesting to visit and you can visit in the even months

Instead of waiting until December and flying to 6 different countries in one shot!

In this case, ensuring you have adequate rest throughout the year is a great resolution too!

Work-life balance, destress, mental health~

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3. Create Mini-Resolutions

Wait what?!

Ok ok hear me out yea~

These mini-resolutions are to help you towards the big main SMART Resolution!

Of course, you might set a mini-resolution that isn’t helping the SMART Resolution and that’s ok too

Think of it as you are detailing and planning the specific steps to achieve the SMART Resolution within the time frame you have given yourself so that success is a given

That’s a mouthful

So a mini-resolution (for my brother) might be to start a gym membership by end of Jan 2024 and gym 3 times a week

He can use the first couple of weeks to research the best deals, reviews etc before signing up for the year

And that’s it, he has completed his mini-resolution for Jan 2024!

If he doesn’t set this mini-resolution, he might still sign up for a gym membership but maybe only in Jul 2024?

You could set any number of mini-resolutions as you want, for anything really

Let’s say you are looking to find a new relationship this year

A mini-resolution might be to join a speed dating event at least once a month

Or to go out on a date with a new person every month (until you meet the best fit of course)

Of course, if you got more time and energy, you can go on dates with 3 new people a week! XD

Truthfully I did that after my 1st ex broke up with me

I went for a speed dating event every month for a year or so, and went on dates with at least 2 new people a week!

Although I wasn’t looking for a new relationship yet, it was more to meet and understand girls better

As well as to figure out what do I really want in a partner

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Progressing in Your New Year’s Resolution

I don’t have to say much because if you did the above, you are progressing on your own already!

The mini-resolutions help you to track your progress against the specifics of your SMART resolution

And as mentioned earlier, you can adjust accordingly if you need to

Like when my mom had a stroke and I visited her every day, I knew it will affect my business so things went down in that period, so either I do more in the later half or I adjust the results I want

And if you got good luck flying your way, then you might see quicker progress in your resolutions so you can choose to set a higher achievable outcome

That’s fine too~

A couple of extra tips if possible, is to find an accountability partner

It could be your best friend, your family etc someone who you can share your resolutions and have their support

So if you want to quit smoking and find it ain’t easy, your accountability partner can encourage you to endure or even think of a new mini-resolution to add in

Like checking on you and hearing how you reduce from 20 sticks a day to 15 sticks

Another tip will be to reward yourself in small ways

I will suggest the reward is only upon completion of a mini-resolution

This is because if you were to reward yourself as motivation, it might instead give you reason not to continue working on the resolution

Alright I hope this has been helpful to you!

Happy New Year and all the best! 😀

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