How To Remember A Bunch Of Things Using A Memory Palace

Lee McKing memory palace

You probably been through this before:

Either you got to remember a long list of items for shopping, a meeting or tasks to do throughout the day

Or maybe you are a student and got loads to remember before your exams

Or maybe for some reason, you decided to remember the company of 100 people with their birthdays so you can buy them presents

Whichever it is, that sounds like a lot to do, ain’t it?

So let me introduce a nifty memory technique known as the Memory Palace

But before that, watch how quickly we can apply it

Alright now that you saw how we can remember a list of 15 items

As well as recall at random and even in reverse!

How do we build a Memory Palace?

Sorry, Youtube videos shouldn’t be that long so here are the steps

First, select your room

Now as I mentioned in the video, you can select your bedroom, study room, living room etc or you can create your own room

To help you a bit, just practice visualizing your selected room every day for about a minute

Once you got the hang of your room, it’s layout, color, etc

Then step 2 is to find something to remember


As mentioned, it can be any list of items or bunch of information

For now though, let’s play with a list of 10-15 items first before you move to your more important information ok?

This is for practice, like training wheels

But if you want to immediately use it go ahead and have fun!

Step 3 is to connect the stuff to remember to symbols so you can put them in your room

For example, let’s say I got to remember what a Freudian Slip is, which by my definition is an accidental slip of tongue and may reveal what the person really is thinking

I could have a symbol of Freud himself slipping on some water on the floor and yelling, “Damn you ice!”

Now a little trick we can all use, you can make the symbol extremely literal and logical

Or you can make the symbol hilarious and creative

Using the same example, I could have Freud looking at me at my study table, and saying “Freudian Sleep” and he falls asleep

Whatever works ok? Hahahaha

Next is putting the symbols to represent the information in an order (or not in order depending on your information) in your selected room

Once done, test it out a few times and make sure it’s really concrete

Then play with a friend and voila!

You have built your own Memory Palace! Congratulations!

You can extend or build on it by having different rooms to represent different stuff to remember

Or you can build layers and layers of symbols into the same room

It depends on your creativity!

Alright, comment what are you going to use your Memory Palace for and I will see you again!! 😀

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