How To Hate A Vegetable

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That might be a quirky title but it will all make sense as you read this article

So bear with me and thank you for reading!

Just a couple days ago I had a client text me about how she feels ready to forgive her parents and yet at the same time, not sure if she was ready to forgive her parents

And I told her to take her time to be really sure

This is because only when the unconscious mind is settled and ready to forgive, will the hypnosis be effective

If we force forgiveness, then it will be false forgiveness

And the hurts from the people you pretended to forgive will still remain in you

Thus the issues are not fully resolved, and the hurts and pains remain

Now she was attempting to wrap her mind around this so I decided to share about some case studies where the forgiveness was forced, and thus it was false

I had two such clients where they forced themselves to do the forgiveness and the following occurred

For the record, I will check and make sure they are aware and ready, but sometimes people just think they are ready, or they force themselves into the hypnosis without being sure

So happened that these two are guys, and halfway through the hypnosis, they ask me similar questions

“Can I punch my dad?”

“Why do you want to punch him under hypnosis?”

“I think if I punch him I can relieve my anger and hatred towards him”

And so they punch or beat up their dad under hypnosis because to them, that’s how they will forgive him

They didn’t forgive in the end

So the hurts and pains remained

I shared about forgiveness and how its a release, but perhaps they didn’t accept what I shared previously in the chat, or perhaps they read online about how you need to express your anger by beating or hitting something

This… I don’t agree with…

Another lady also forced herself to forgive her mother in law, and true enough, she still had anger towards her mother in law

These 3 clients will need another session if whatever they have left is too much for them, or when they want to forgive truly

Partly also cause they can see some of the other changes they experienced

So what gives?

First of all, we need to understand and differentiate each emotion separately

Hate does not equal to anger!

They are not linked in any way

Hate is the opposite of love

So if love is extreme liking of something or someone, hate is extreme disliking of something or someone

Thereby comes in the vegetable

Cause I don’t like vegetables HAHAHAH

Although yea, I have learnt to eat and can eat vegetables

There are some vegetables that I still don’t like

I especially hate slimy types of vegetables, like lady’s finger or brinjal

I also don’t like peas, beans, and corn

Now let’s look at this

I can hate vegetables but do I get angry at them?


Although I agree I feel disgusted at lady’s finger or brinjal and maybe beans too

But peas and corn I’m more of put it aside

I hate the feeling of these particular food items

And yet, it’s not like I’m angry at them right?

Presentation Lee McKing and waiting watch

It’s the same across the board

Let’s say you had an abusive father, totally unreasonable and opinionated

Yes, you can hate him because of his character or qualities or attributes

And yes, whatever he did onto you can create anger, fear, etc as well

The interesting thing about our emotions, is that each negative emotion has a positive intention for us

Anger is for defense and power, to protect ourselves from something

Fear is for danger and safety, to avoid or run away from something

Sadness is to deal with loss and grief, to release the hurt from losing something

Just to share some examples with you

Now, you can hate your abusive dad for who he is, and you can feel fear or anger because of what he has done unto you

Those are 2 separate things

You must realize this if you want to take a step towards healing yourself

Just like I can hate brinjal because it is a vegetable, and I feel disgust with how it feels in my mouth

Totally separate

This is the biggest realization

Because for healing to occur, it usually revolves around forgiveness

You see, forgiveness has nothing to do with love or hate, grudge or blame

My definition of forgiveness is to release all the past hurts, pains, guilts, and any learnt negative behaviors or patterns that that person has put onto you, intentionally or unintentionally

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That to me is true forgiveness

Now the key is to release what was done or put onto you

This is interesting because it’s separate from like or dislike

Which is why you can love someone and still be unable to forgive them!

Or you can hate someone and be able to forgive them

Forgiveness has nothing to do with grudge nor blame either

Blaming someone for example, is a shifting of responsibility – which suggest you don’t need to take any action

Whereas to forgive someone is an action in itself, to release and be free~

As I shared this with the lady client, she understood where I’m coming from now

She could feel her heart lighten a bit just by grasping this concept

Which is great!

Of course, I told her to take her time for her unconscious mind to settle before we schedule the hypnosis

Now you must also remember that conscious is logic, while unconscious is emotion

Hence, when we want to resolve emotional issues, we have to tap into the unconscious mind

And the way I do it is via hypnosis

And at the same time, ensuring the unconscious mind is ready also allows for a more effective hypnosis session

You might be surprised to hear from me that there isn’t much consciously you need to do to allow your unconscious mind to be ready

This is because hypnosis cannot be forced, the client can resist hypnosis if they don’t want to resolve the issue

Although there are some isolated cases where consciously, they need to do something to help themselves to re-connect with their unconscious mind or show proof they want to change and heal

But that’s probably a story for another time


Just to recap

Forgiveness has nothing to do with love nor hate

Forgiveness is about releasing the stuff whoever put onto you, intentionally or unintentionally

Hate and anger (or any other negative emotion for that factor) are separate and not linked

If you identify an issue you want to resolve, you can consider hypnosis if the issue stems from the unconscious mind (most of the time)

The best part, consciously you don’t need to do much!

So no need to meditate, fast, pray or whatever XD

Once you identify the issues and want to resolve it, take the first step

To contact and reach out

Whoever you want to seek help from is your choice, as long as you feel comfortable with that person

Til then, take care! 😀

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