How To Deal With Anxiety

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To be honest, this is incredibly loaded!

You see, while there are general tips to reduce anxiety, they might only be helpful for a certain percentage of the human population

Worse, there are many different types of anxiety!

And this is why I say this question, “How to deal with anxiety” is incredibly loaded!

We require different techniques and solutions to resolve each construct of anxiety that occurs in each clients’ minds

Sounds complicated?

Tell you what

I shall share some case studies of anxiety, how it was constructed, and what we did to resolve it


We’ll cover the following today

  1. Sometimes it’s imaginary
  2. Sometimes it stems from childhood
  3. Sometimes it’s a part of the person’s identity
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What do you mean my anxiety is imaginary??!

Hold on hold on hear me out for a moment ok?

I’m not saying you are faking it or that your anxiety is just your imagination

It is definitely as real as real can be

However, it is the construct of the anxiety that may be “imaginary” (for a lack of a better word)

For such an instance, it means that the anxiety didn’t come from a clear source

Hence “imaginary”

How do we deal with such anxiety?

Naturally all techniques here are hypnosis techniques and sometimes it’s not advisable to do them by yourself

But I do use a couple of techniques for such “imaginary” constructs of anxiety

One is a simple Symbolism technique

The other is the Dynamic Mental Imagery technique

Both are great ways to work with the symbols of anxiety and deconstructing the symbols will allow us to find the specific unique solutions to each construct

Symbolism is pretty straightforward whereas Dynamic Mental Imagery can be a bit complex sometimes

This brings the clients into their unconscious minds through a healing journey

You can read about such journeys here and here

real path through the unconscious mind

Why does it stem from childhood?

Ranging from genetic, or psychological upbringing, or even potential trauma or abuse, such may be causes and contributors to anxiety within a person

For such cases, the problems usually gets bigger and bigger over time

I will usually do a regression technique to find the root causes of the anxiety

A regression technique is a method to go back in time in the client’s memories to find the root cause of an issue

It is also sometimes known as timeline therapy in NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming

Regardless whether it’s a regression technique or a timeline therapy technique, they work the same way with the intended purpose of bringing you to the source of the issue

Under the branch of regression or timeline are numerous techniques to guide someone back in time

One of my favourites is the Unconscious Pattern Change

The other is VK Dissociation

Both of these techniques I learnt from my NLP trainers at Worldwide Institutes of NLP

And if you are ever curious about NLP, they have an excellent online basic introduction of NLP

Anyway, about a third of the time for such cases, I will suggest a Forgiveness Process too

I personally find that forgiveness is a great way to heal oneself from many things

And by the way, forgiveness is never about the other person

It’s usually about you

For example, I had a lady came to me with depression, anxiety and panic attacks

And for her, we did a regression to find the source of the issue

She returned to when she was a baby in the cot, crying because she was hungry

And what happened was that her parents were arguing with each other instead of feeding her

And she was afraid she might die of hunger

Before you mindblown, let me explain quickly

Her unconscious mind as a baby was learning from her parents on how to live as a human, and by observing her parents arguing beside her when she is hungry, planted a thought that whenever she is hungry OR when her parents argue, she might die

And this grew over time to become her depression, anxiety and panic attacks

For her case, I guided her to forgive her parents for arguing instead of feeding her, and to reassure her baby self that everything is ok

That single session resolved her issues of depression, anxiety and panic attacks ๐Ÿ™‚

That’s the power of understanding the mind to the extent proper help can be done

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Am I anxiety?

This may be one of the tougher cases – and that’s when someone identifies themselves as anxiety itself

It’s like it has taken over or created a persona from the person

Where they identify with anxiety so much that they cannot live without it

And that’s why it’s the toughest to deal with

How can we resolve their anxiety and keep them ok?

I cannot tell you exactly how I do it because each case that was “an anxiety identity crisis” required a unique set of combination of hypnosis or NLP techniques to help them

One such case involved an entrepreneur who had anxiety and panic attacks

His issues were quite complex, and we had to do a regression first to find the source of anxiety and panic attacks

He returned to the age of 7, where he was crying in the living room while his parents were arguing about divorce

That argument scarred him for life, in fact, for fear of where he will go

The anxiety reduced significantly upon a resolution of this source of the problem

But there was some remaining anxiety

Hence I asked him if there is anything inside that wants to keep the anxiety

And his eyes opened when he realized that his hands want to be anxious

So I had to use a technique called a Parts Reintegration with him to resolve this identity issue with anxiety

He is now currently a speaker and trainer too ๐Ÿ™‚



Ok if you are still here, I’m guessing you are looking for real solutions for your anxiety or for someone you know

Now I want you to know that each case is different so I cannot just do hypnosis with you on the spot

We can arrange a chit chat session first where you can share your issues more in depth and so I can understand you and your mind better

And I will also share how hypnosis works (but you can read or watch a short introduction about hypnotism here)

Edit 10 Jun 2021: Unfortunately, Facebook has disallowed embedding of their videos, so you need to enter the link to go to Facebook to watch now

And whether it is for yourself or for your loved ones with anxiety, these can all be resolved as long as you (or your loved one) wants to resolve it

Hypnosis wouldn’t work without permission nor consent

And if you are looking for a conscious way to reduce your anxiety by a bit, here’s what I can share with you that helps you deal with your anxiety (even though it is a bit of help, it helps)

The 4-7-8 Breathing Method For Anxiety

  1. Breathe in for 4 counts
  2. Hold breath for 7 counts
  3. Slowly breathe out for 8 counts
  4. Repeated at least 4 times

It’s a simple yet effective method for reducing anxiety and can be used anywhere, anytime

I have to admit those, while it does reduce your anxiety when you get it, it does not resolve your issues completely

So ideally, you do consider resolving from the root cause so that you will no longer suffer from anxiety

Lastly, before we end off, you do not need to know the root cause and where it comes from

That’s my job ๐Ÿ™‚

So yea you don’t need to crack your head or feel any pressure ok?

Til then, stay safe and I wish you to find your inner peace

Lee McKing and his story

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