How To Ace That Job Interview

Presentation Lee McKing and job interview

The New Year just passed and I was pondering what to write for the first blog of 2020

Like, what could signify a fresh start?

A new phase of life?

A total change of pace?

Well, with the possibility between marriage, family and career

I decided to go with career!

Ok ok so yea, not all of you will be interested in a new career or a change in your career

I get it

But hey, if you know anyone who is young, and about to join the workforce

Yet having the jitters and angst with acing that job interview

Then please do share this with them

It might change their life

Let’s start with the basics!

Lee McKing the Hypnotist with his client having a chat

Regardless of which job you are being interviewed for, you probably have to meet them face to face

What does this mean for you?

Dress up and look smart!

Do you know?

A perception of you is formed from the first three seconds of seeing you!

And this first impression goes a long way

Especially if it’s a negative impression

(Hint: cue dating tip)

So even if you already know it (cause some don’t)

Make sure you are prim and proper

With decent clothes that make you look fit for the job

Brush your teeth! And take a breath mint if you need one

Guys, shave your facial hair if you don’t usually keep it

Ladies, put a light touch of makeup when possible

Once you look neat and presentable, do a double take

PS. try not to eat just before the interview

You don’t want a vegetable stuck in your teeth, do you?

Now that the outfit is done, let’s go deeper

In the interview itself, there are a few things going on

Let’s settle your emotions first

A lot of people will probably tell you to breathe, calm down etc

I’m going to give you something more powerful

Essentially, it’s an anchor

An anchor is an external stimulus that invokes an internal response

So what we are going to do right now

Yes right now

Is to give you a confidence anchor

Or an anchor of courage

Or both

Whatever and whichever you want is good

Presentation Lee McKing and consultation

So I will now guide you on how to create your anchor of confidence with your own trigger

  1. First, I want you to decide on your trigger
    • tip: your trigger should be something that you can do without anyone realizing, and that it’s uncommon for you to trigger it so that you only use it when you need it
    • example: using your right thumb and forefinger to press the soft area in between your left thumb and forefinger OR folding your arms and pressing your right elbow
  2. Once you decided and practice it a couple of times, I want you to find a memory of when you were most confident (or courageous)
    • tip: recall that memory and feel the feelings of confidence, then recall it again and let that confident feeling intensify, then do it once more and proceed to the next step
  3. recall that memory of confidence and when you feel it reaching its peak, like a 9 out of 10 level of confidence, like spreading to 100% of your body, do or press your trigger
    • tip: you can do one more time if you like to ensure you linked the feeling of confidence with the trigger
  4. finally, calm down and relax and do or press your trigger to see what happens
    • tip: you should feel a feeling of confidence spreading throughout your body, however if you found that didn’t happen, take some time and repeat from the beginning

Now you could be thinking, what’s the point of doing all this?

Well, what will happen is this

Whenever you need a confidence boost, trigger your confidence anchor!

You can do this just before the job interview to flush out your fears (if any)

Or you can even do it during the interview (to stand your ground and speak with certainty)

It’s quite versatile really hehe

And of course, whether you are standing or sitting, keep your back straight!

So now you not only look confident, you feel confident too!

Lee McKing chatting with a female client NLB

What’s next?

During the interview, the interviewer will most likely throw a sudden question

So yea, you could prepare as much as possible for the questions and answers and they can still throw a curveball

Here’s my tip for you when the interviewer throws a curve ball at you

  1. Ask him or her to clarify the question, as this gives you time to think
    • tip: don’t say, “sorry what did you say?”, rather, repeat the question as a way to clarify
    • example: “so what do you like to do on the weekend?” – “are you asking what I do on the weekend like how I spend my time?”
  2. Speak slowly, and pause when necessary
  3. Understand some questions do not have a right or wrong answer, hence you can answer in a way that covers both options
    • tip: don’t do that all the time haha

Combining the presentable dressing, your steady emotions, and having a better understanding of how to handle sudden questions

You’ve done it!

Well, you’ve reached the end of the interview and just got to wait then haha

Is that all McKing?

Hahahah no!

I got one more powerful technique for you

Presentation Lee McKing and self hypno

I saved the best for last


You see, we can cover the looks, the emotions, and the ability to think

All for the interview!

But what if you don’t have an interview to go to?

That’s the last bit I’m going to share in a moment

But first, a story

There was a guy, let’s call him John, who was out of a job

And he was desperately looking for one

He did this technique

To visualize and imagine himself going through an interview and getting the job he wanted

In his visualization, he saw himself talking to a guy with a blue shirt and a red polka dot tie

It was queer

But that was his visualization

Weeks past and he went through many job interviews but none called him back

He was at his wit’s end

Suddenly he had a call

Hey, is this John? Listen, come down to blah blah right now

He rushed over via Grab

John? Head over to that office over there

He walked to it and knocked on the door

Come in

He opened the door and couldn’t help smiling

The guy was wearing a blue shirt and a red polka dot tie

John? You got the job, I’ll see you next Monday

This story was shared with me by my trainer, who taught me

And it shows the power of the mind and the Law of Attraction

That’s a whole other topic for another time!

I’ll just share the technique with you first

  1. Allow yourself to relax and be calm, with the intent to have a job
  2. See yourself getting the job
    • tip: it could be a letter, a face to face, a call, etc whatever comes to mind, let it be
  3. Enhance the visuals, the sounds, the feelings and emotions
  4. Do this every day or once every few days

I’ve cut it down to the most basic so that it’s simple and easy to remember

the ship

And that’s that

Now you truly have some decent stuff covered and ready for the interview!

And yea, there are probably some other tips that talk about preparing, having enough sleep etc

And you can Google that if you like more tips for clothes, behaviour etc

There are tons out there to be honest

I’ve covered a bit of everything

And specifically more on how hypnosis techniques and the mind can empower you

That’s my main focus 🙂

With that, I hope 2020 will bring you 20 times more happiness, joy, and love

And may you be blessed with a awesome job soon!


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