How Past Life Regression Works

Presentation Lee McKing and past life regression hypnosis

Alright so quite a few people have asked me this question and it seems the curiosity is strong for this

Before we go into what is Past Life Regression and how does it work, do check out the various type of regression methods and techniques in this article I wrote a while back

So a hypnotic regression is a technique to go back in time in your memories

However a Past Life Regression is to regress into your past lives to recall certain memories, events, and potentially even traumas for healing

For the record, there are various types of Past Life Regression methods too, some practitioners may use Akashic Records, psychic techniques, soul or energy methods just to name a few

I won’t go into that yea?

I’ll just focus on hypnotic Past Life Regression for therapy or curiosity purposes

I’ll emphasize again

Usually I only do Past Life Regression for therapeutic purposes

Although some practitioners may use this for clients who are curious about their past life

I don’t usually do that because it might open a can of worms that we least expect


Anyway, regardless whether it’s for therapy or curiosity

The idea or basis behind a past life regression hypnosis technique is that the memories of our past life is stored in our soul memory

And through such a technique, the person going through the hypnosis is able to recall events, trauma or whatever he or she wanted to do a past life regression in the first place

In case you are wondering, a normal regression looks for memories in the current life, so that’s pretty straight forward

And in case you are wondering Part 2, the other past life regression methods from other schools of thought will have their own belief systems for how past life regression works so yea, don’t get confused over them too much

Just understand all are separate 🙂

Now as mentioned, I usually only do a past life regression hypnosis for therapy purposes

Here’s a case study as reference

A lady came to see me to resolve anger issues and we started resolve the “angry relationship” she had with some people she knew

Perhaps one of the interesting things for her under hypnosis was that each person she met was in the form of an animal, her husband was a crocodile, her brother was a chipmunk, her sister in law was a monkey

So anyway, she saw a bald eagle, and said, “McKing, I think that’s my mother in law”, to which I replied, “Erm don’t jump to conclusions so fast”

The bald eagle’s face changed to be her mother in law!

So I guess that was true haha

While this was happening, the scene changed to Ancient Korea, and she became a different woman, a Korean woman wearing traditional Korean clothes

The bald eagle with her mother in law’s face also transformed into an elderly man with a white beard, wielding a sword at her!

They fought and flew around!

However, it didn’t seem to go anywhere, so I told her to pause this for a moment, and get a sense of herself

Who was she now? What is she doing? Does she know this man?

Then she replied, sharing details about her life as a Korean woman living during that period of time!

She shared that she was married to a man and they have a child together, however, the elderly man is her father and disapproves of the relationship as well as the child

They were running away from him because he wanted to kill the child, the proof of their relationship and bonding

I guided her to resolve this issue

And if you haven’t already realized, the hurt and anger between her and her father in this past life, transcended time and into this life, hence becoming the hurt and anger she had with her mother in law!

Crikey! 😮

After helping her to resolve this hurt and anger from her past life, she saw her father, the elderly man, drop his sword and came over and give her a hug as he cried

Then he carried his grandchild in his arms, smiling, while her husband (in the past life) was smiling as he stood beside her

For the record, the past life husband may not be the current life husband

Presentation Lee McKing and hypnosis with female client

Anyway, after that I brought her back to this life

This is one example I had with a past life regression hypnosis with a client in order to resolve an issue that’s tormenting her current life

This is also one of the techniques that I know of with regards to past life regression hypnotherapy and there are a few others

However, I will not be sharing how to do such a technique because if you are not trained in hypnosis, you could do more harm than good!

So yea, if you are interested in past life regression hypnosis BUT have not formally trained in hypnosis or hypnotherapy, please don’t attempt it by yourself

I met a friend who told me her experience, where her friend many years ago picked up a book on hypnosis and attempted a regression hypnosis on her

It worked! But her friend didn’t know how to bring her back properly, hence her trauma resurfaced and re-traumatized her!

As if the first trauma wasn’t bad enough… :/

I also had a couple of clients who went to budding hypnotists and saw how they messed up with another person’s regression and didn’t know how to bring them back

Can you imagine seeing someone else screaming away asking to come back out and the “supposed expert” didn’t know how?

I share this so you don’t make a mistake in attempting to do something you are not trained in

I cannot emphasize that enough

Now you might be wondering why I do past life regression for therapy but not for curiosity

I did mention earlier about opening a can of worms right?

The other thing is that we have no idea how many past lives we have

And to be honest, what purpose does doing a past life regression for curiosity’s sake serve anyway?

Does it mean you willingly want to pay me for each session to see your past life?

Like if you had 100 past lives, then 100 hypnosis sessions?

Yea, it doesn’t make sense to me either

But if you have certain trauma or patterns that doesn’t seem to resolve properly

Yea I could help you with it

Presentation Lee McKing guilt abortion miscarriage

Here’s another case study involving relationship patterns

A lady came to me asking “Why men don’t stay in my life?”

I had to ask for more details of course

Long story short, she shared how she gets married to a guy, yet they live separately after 3 months, and get a divorce after 3 years

Here’s the interesting bit – this happened 3 times!

Imagine doing that with 3 men!

That’s an obvious pattern right there

I did a regression technique that allows her to go back into a past life to find the source of this issue

Now she’s telling me she see herself drowning and there is a ship in front of her in flames and sinking, having this thought that she is looking for someone but didn’t know who

I then asked her to look down on herself and tell me who she is

She was in shocked as she replied that she was a man! A big burly African American man!

I brought her and her past life to chat in a separate room from that past life memory (if this doesn’t make sense, to be honest, sometimes it’s a bit hard to articulate clearly what goes on during hypnosis… otherwise I will type a very long article… let me know if you prefer a long long read though)

The African American was very angry, he was banging the table in rage, saying he must survive, and that he must find his friend, who he met on the ship and they shovel coal together

Everything made sense to me now!

Essentially, when he died, he wanted to find his friend and make sure he is ok, but that thought “got corrupted” (if you can imagine data on a thumbdrive getting corrupted and lost over time, not that she got evil hahahaha) and thus, the final thought was “I’m looking for someone”

That final thought caused her to seek and marry a man, but because it wasn’t the man she was looking for, she ended up divorcing each man, for 3 times before finding me

Oh my Gooddddddddd

Funny hor?

Anyway, I’ll cut her long story short (cause her hypnosis was really long), and got her to communicate with the African American that it is 2017 now and not 1612 where he came from

After which, I help her to reconnect her past life with her past life’s friend in order to heal her relationship issues in this current life

Presentation Lee McKing and Sakura

For the record, she’s happily dating again haha

Although I probably need to wait until she get married to see how it turns out… at least she isn’t jumping into a new marriage eh?

And she does update me from time to time anyway 🙂

To sum up, whether or not you believe in past lives, it may make a difference in how you resolve your issues

Personally, I don’t do past life regression all the time, I only do it when there is a need for it

Shoot me any questions and I’ll answer as best as I can

Or even use it as material for my next blog!

Til then – Cheers!

Hope you enjoyed this 🙂

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