How Important Hypnosis Is In Your Life

Lee McKing importance of hypnosis

First I probably have to share how important hypnosis was in my life

So here’s my quick story

I had my own mental health issues and naturally sought help. But it wasn’t like I was going to tell the world and seek a doctor!

So I did some research and found out about NLP, or Neuro Linguistic Programming. I got certified for both the Basic and Master Practitioner level. And it was during the Master Practitioner course where I had an insight into the world of hypnosis.

You see, I used to think hypnosis was “black devil magic” or just “hocus pocus” or even a “con job”! But honestly, I realized that hypnosis was truly how the mind works.

It just is

Every NLP technique that requires you to close your eyes will actually bring you into a hypnotic trance. And since the two founders, John Grinder and Richard Bandler, took the best practices at that time (body language, coaching, hypnosis just to name a few) and brought everything together to call it NLP, it seems to suggest hypnosis was real.

And I had this epiphany of sorts lee mcking grey

Now you might recall that my lung had burst when I was 20 years of age (or if you didn’t know that, well yea, my lung burst that time) and I went to school to deliver a presentation for a graded assignment. I obviously screwed that up since I couldn’t breathe!

Little did I know my lung was collapsing

Anyway, I went to the hospital and got an X ray and ouch! My right lung had collapsed to the size of a chicken egg! Probably smaller!

I was in a state of shock!

And the doctor said that I could die in days from suffocation or minutes when the air crush my heart.

You see, this is important, this moment right here

What we do not know is how easy it is for the mind to enter a state of trance

What happened was that the shock caused my conscious mind to deactivate, and this opened my unconscious mind to whatever was happening, which was the doctor’s words, “You will die” and my unconscious mind started connecting “death” to the cause which it thought was the “school presentation”!!

And that’s how easy it was for my unconscious mind to link a trauma to a presentation, and I developed post traumatic stress disorder to presentations.

After every single presentation for the next 3 years in my polytechnic studies, I will suffer a physical, emotional and mental breakdown.

I had this intense fear coursing through my veins as I rushed to the toilet, and collapsing onto the sink, unable to move a single muscle as I cried, my tears flowing, my mucus and even saliva gushing out!

I eventually fell into depression

And yet, it’s what made me go on this path, and realize how important hypnosis is

How important it is to understand how the mind really works

That sudden realisation inspired me to learn hypnotism and develop it with my NLP skills and techniques

Here is another example, a very long time ago, I had this client who had some confidence issues and I decided to do a particular NLP anchoring technique with her

Sometime into the session, I realized that she was having a bit of trouble finding a time she was confident and bringing it out

She lacked confidence and said she wanted more confidence, yet, after doing the anchor technique, her physiology did not reflect one of confidence, in fact, it was as if nothing happened.

I decided to end the session with a bit of hypnosis and used the rose induction followed by a confidence booster script, with embedded commands to improve her confidence as well as changing for the better. It took about 20 minutes in total.

(And between you and me, I could have fixed everything in 1 session with the skills, knowledge and experience that I have gained now compared to that time!)

Anyway, we had a chat and scheduled the next sessionLee McKing chit chat girl

Now the next session was pretty cool as she was more open about change and even knew specifically what to change. I didn’t realize that the embedded commands during the hypnosis previously had planted a seed of change and it was growing and evolving from within.

Since she was more open to change, I decided to do another process which went really well!

After realizing that the first hypnosis I did with her was really good for her, I decided to, of course, do another 20 minute hypnosis with her, this time using the star induction and overall wellbeing script, as well as some more confidence and embedded suggestions about change.

The third session worked beautifully with more anchoring techniques! She had a glow now, as compared to the first session, when she left pretty dull!

All in all, this experience also added a new perspective and insights on the importance and power of hypnotism, and because of this, I could truly pursue and study hypnosis on a more profound level. The seeds for change was not only planted in her life, it was also planted in mine, yet it was through a session with a client!

And that’s how I came to be who I am today! And my sharing to you is how crucial it is to understand how the mind works, and how easily we can influence others.

Perhaps you might still be thinking that it’s not possible for hypnosis to exist

Here’s another quick explanation

So we have the conscious mind (the gatekeeper) and the unconscious mind (a sponge)

And the conscious mind ensures what goes into the unconscious mind is valid and what the person wants

Example, you are reading this and deciding whether you want to accept the information you read here or not

Lee McKing parent child

You are an adult. The problem happens when you are a child. 

You see, when you were a child, from 0 to 9 years old, your conscious mind is not really there

It’s only after that then it takes more form as a gatekeeper (and also when the child becomes rebellious only because they start to think for themselves)

So what happens is your parents are your first hypnotists and they have influenced your mind, beliefs, thoughts, and behaviours etc to make you you

Especially if you notice the patterns in your life are pretty much a replication of the patterns in your parents’ lives

Like your relationship, money beliefs, and even emotions!

So you will be your child’s first hypnotist too

That’s why it’s so important to understand

If there is any takeaway, just don’t be like the previous doctor in my life, and be like the new me in others

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