How Do You Hypnotise Someone?

How Do You Hypnotise Someone?

That’s the burning question on everyone’s mind when they meet me for the first time

Especially at my meetup like so

If you have time, you can watch the online meetup here

It’s on my Facebook Page so give it a thumbs up! 😀

And of course, why would I be sharing a video and in a blog?

That’s because I want to enhance your learning

It means I will explaining a little bit more in detail regarding what the video is about

In particular, the Yes Set and the 5 Hypnotic Words

To elaborate, imagine you are in a “No” room and you keep saying “No”

Yet once you go to the “Yes” room (maybe with some difficulty), you will likely say “Yes”

The only issue is, you can do it consciously or unconsciously

Most people tend to do it consciously

Which is like driving a car, the conscious mind is the driver while the unconscious mind is the engine

So the driver can keep going Yes Yes Yes, but the engine might say No No No!

And you probably found yourself in similar situations…

Like in a sales setting!

Typically being sold to by someone unexpected

Like off the streets for example

Now the Hypnotic Words are more like linkages

They help to link ideas together

For example, I could say the following:

  • You can listen to my voice. You are feeling sleepy. You can close your eyes now.

Or this:

  • You can listen to my voice and you are feeling sleepy. Eventually, you can close your eyes now.

Which do you think has a better impact?

Or maybe a softer impact?

Which do you find yourself preferring to hear?

That’s the power of the hypnotic words I shared in the video

The ideas which were separated in the first one are now nicely linked in the second

And it helps to nudge the other person ever so gently into the “Yes” room

So how do you hypnotise someone?

With words!

A bit of hypnotic language to help bring your ideas across and get the person in the “Yes” room 🙂

And I wonder if you can begin to figure where else does this basic fundamentals of hypnosis occur in?

Now of course there are other ways to hypnotise a person but one step at a time ok?

I will share other principles or techniques next time!

Any other questions? Or comments below

Buy me coffee and I’ll answer 😛

Lee McKing with a cup of coffee

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